Thursday, October 28

Ribera tests new non-invasive rapid saliva tests for the detection of Covid19 in a multicenter study

The sanitary group Ribera and the distributor of medical supplies Safadifarma have presented this morning the result of the research study carried out between January 12 and February 3, 2021 in eight primary care centers of the health departments of Torrevieja and Vinalopó, both managed by the Ribera healthcare group (Centene Corporation) and included within the network of public hospitals in the Valencian Community.

The main objective of the study was to validate the efficacy of a rapid antigen test from sputum-saliva samples, which were taken from more than 1,400 patients in parallel with the conventional diagnostic analysis tests carried out by both health departments . These saliva tests have detected 94% of Covid positives and 71% of healthy patients.

Among the conclusions of the study, the high percentage of efficacy of these analyzed saliva tests (NEW GENE) stands out, since it correctly detected 94% of patients infected by Covid and 71% of healthy patients. The trial has also determined levels of clinical sensitivity of the test of up to 90% in some of the participating centers, thus confirming the efficacy of this type of new generation test as a rapid diagnostic test and with very simple logistics, which it would allow mass screening to be carried out, thanks to its low cost, its speed, since they are not invasive with the patient and do not require professional expertise or specific infrastructures for taking the prediction results of the samples. “This type of test allows us to speed up the diagnosis of patients, being able to start isolation early to avoid contagion”, explained the coordinator of the study.

During the presentation, Paqui Door, attached to the Directorate of Nursing of the Ribera group in Torrevieja and VInalopó, explained that the “involvement of the health workers of both health departments has allowed to carry out the 1.403 test in record time and thus detect 688 cases of Covid to accelerate their isolation and facilitate the corresponding treatment ”. The healthcare director of the Ribera group, Carlos Catalan, has highlighted the role of Nursing in this trial and has valued the date on which it was carried out, both because of the commitment of the professionals at times of peak activity and because of the value of the sample. “The month of January has been the month with the highest incidence of infections in the area of ​​Vinalopó and Torrevieja, so the conclusions of the trial are decisive,” he explained. It should be noted that, after performing the quality analysis of the study database, a total sample of patients was obtained, 79.8% were symptomatic compared to 29.2% of the patients who did not present any symptoms.

The trial concluded that the test “allows to quickly analyze and diagnose large groups, identify asymptomatic positives and negatives or with mild symptoms, and accelerate the isolation protocol of the positives without interference in the activity of the rest of the group screened” .

The doctor Kaled Safadi, CEO of Safadifarma, has indicated that the massive screening with this type of test has made it possible to break the chains of infections in countries that are now practically free of covid, as is the case of Taiwan, New Zealand, much of China or Australia. Sadafi, together with Safadifarma’s scientific advisor, Antonio Morrajas, Safadifarma’s Scientific Advisor, have urged the “democratization” of the use of non-invasive rapid tests that do not require sanitary supervision and that are spreading in many countries: they can be purchased in pharmacies, but also in supermarkets and even vending machines.

In the case of the test of this distributor, which is not authorized for use other than with health supervision in Spain, its marketing cost would be 4.5 euros per unit. With a saliva sample the result is obtained in fifteen minutes. Morrajas said that with the use of this type of test for the general population, individual responsibility is appealed, with the aim that whoever tests positive is isolated and can communicate the result to health centers. He also recalled that large industries, such as the automotive industry in Galicia, are using similar tools to carry out massive and periodic screening with the aim of breaking these chains of infections immediately.

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