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Ricardo Anaya: The candidate who became a meme

At 42 years old and a presidential campaign behind him in 2018, the candidate of the National Action Party (PAN) Ricardo Anaya, has opted for the old political axiom that says that it is better that they speak badly of one than that they do not speak. Anaya himself has become the engine for spreading the memes and ridicule caused by his campaign. This week he became a trend again on social networks thanks to his promotional videos where he travels the country and announces his return.

In January 2021, Anaya announced that he was returning to political life with a view to the 2024 presidential elections, which is why he started a premature electoral campaign that will last three years. For this, he has chosen an audiovisual format in which he travels through different scenarios in contact with the popular classes: the subway, eating a taco, peasant areas, talking to low-income families …

Anaya even said that her party had offered her a position in the Chamber of Deputies, but that she had decided to reject it because her main objective, for now, is to go all over Mexico to listen to people “not to be in a tribune or in an office But on the street, in the community, with the people, ”he said.

In that sense, he announced that he would go to 1,000 municipalities in the country following the same strategy as the current president when he spent several years traveling through Mexico aboard a truck. “I have already started my tour of 1,000 municipalities in Mexico. My goal is to listen. Listen to people’s problems, needs, wants, and dreams. It’s about listening to really feel and experience problems as your own and find solutions for them together, ”he says in the video in which he made his purpose known.

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Opinion polls indicated that Anaya was seen among voters as a cold, distant, upper-class man who does not connect with the people he wants to represent. Which means a drag on your campaign. Precisely by creating that image, he helped Andrés Manuel López Obrador when he attacked him during the last campaign, calling him: “riqui, riquín, canallín”. But the solution, in the heat of the response received on the networks, has been worse than their good intentions to get closer to the people and they were buried by thousands of memes.

The PAN member has visited marginalized areas of Mexico, in which he shows the deficiencies of the people and, incidentally, the consequences of the decisions of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Users of social networks have used the images as memes to criticize that Anaya is just getting to know the reality in which countless Mexicans live, two years after trying to be president.

During the promotional video, Anaya talks to people from the countryside and even helps them with some housework. The ridicule, memes and jokes soared when he compared López Obrador with “the compadre who spends the money in loggerheads”, in reference to what was invested for the cancellation of the Texcoco airport. The video of more than five minutes was broadcast on March 1 on his YouTube channel, and has gone viral several times with the hashtag #ConlasCaguamasNo. Anaya was a trend for the moralizing tone of her comments and for “criminalizing” the consumption of beer. In the meantime, the background of the message was lost, which consisted of explaining in an extensive way what the Superior Audit Office of the Federation (ASF) is and referring to the high cost of the cancellation of the Texcoco airport. Later, Anaya himself has continued to spread the jokes on his networks.

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In his previous reappearance in September, Anaya, who obtained 12 million votes compared to 30 million for Morena’s standard-bearer, acknowledged that “losing the election was a bitter pill. But also an opportunity to mature and put my character to the test ”. According to Anaya, the first opportunity to change the course of the country is the 2021 elections. “It is always dangerous for the peoples to leave all power in the hands of a single man,” he said before making himself known with memes.

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