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Ricardo Cabezas: «The agreement with the Local Police of Badajoz bursts the City Council»

Ricardo Cabezas meeting in his office this Wednesday with Rodríguez-Arbeizagoitia and Juan José Jerez. / TODAY

The socialist spokesman affirms that “we must give sanity to all this unreason”, but refuses to say what he will vote in the plenary that must ratify the salary agreement of the agents

Rocio Romero

The socialist spokesman, Ricardo Cabezas, walks between two waters. On the one hand, he affirms that “the agreement with the Local Police destroys the City Council”. But, on the other, he does not oppose or reveal what he will vote in plenary that should make the salary increase for agents effective.

The PSOE’s vote is decisive because the mayor of the non-attached group, Alejandro Vélez, affirmed again yesterday that he does not agree with the forms or with the substance of the salary increase for the agents. He rejects it.

Cabezas, on the other hand, is convinced that this agreement will not reach full due to the administrative difficulties that it will encounter. And less, he affirms, this month of July as it was agreed. “I believe that this agreement is not going to reach the plenary session, and if it arrives next week I say my vote.”

The spokesman for the Socialists made these statements after meeting with the spokesmen for the workers, César Rodríguez-Arbaizagoitia (coordinator of the heads of service) and Juan José Jerez (head of the Budget and Accounting bureau). “I think they are right in their claims and especially in the great discomfort that exists in the city council for this favorable treatment of a single group.”

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“We have spoken and will continue to speak because we have to give sanity to all this unreason,” he said. Cabezas defends a collective bargaining that includes an update of the catalog of jobs and a new list of positions.

While affirming this, it also asserts that “a local police officer in a municipality of 6,000 inhabitants cannot charge more than one of 150,000 inhabitants”, referring to Badajoz.

But just as he says that, he emphasizes that the mayor has not called him to participate in the negotiations with the Local Police and that, therefore, he is not obliged to give his positive vote.

On the other hand, the non-attached mayor Alejandro Vélez stated that the increase in agents will reach 18% in three years. “I don’t know what administration or company is preparing such an increase with the one that is falling. This is incomprehensible, it has no head or tail.

“I don’t know what administration or company is preparing and such an increase, of 18%, with which it is falling”

alejandro velez, unassigned mayor

His bet is that the two million euros per year that are going to be dedicated to the Police are used to raise the salary of all employees, 1,300 counting the agents, in the same proportion.

Like Ricardo Cabezas, Alejandro Vélez is suspicious that the agreement will reach full approval in July because there are still many administrative steps left. But he is clear that, when he arrives, if it is proposed in the current terms, he will vote against it.

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