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Riesgo proposes that Alcoa pay the 13 million required by the National Court

Rudiger Terhorst (Parter Capital) and Marc Pereira (Alcoa) enter into the sale agreement.  / DAVID FERNÁNDEZ

Rudiger Terhorst (Parter Capital) and Marc Pereira (Alcoa) enter into the sale agreement. / DAVID FERNÁNDEZ

The defense of the owners of Alu Ibérica, Grupo Riesgo, has proposed to the National Court that the multinational Alcoa pay the 13 million euros that the investigating judge in the case, María Tardón, has ordered to be deposited in the accounts of the aluminum factories of A Coruña and Avilés so that workers can collect their payroll. Alcoa has contested this intention of Víctor Rubén Domenech’s company, claiming that it never knew for how much money Parter Venture Capital sold in 2020 the two factories that the American multinational left to the Swiss investment fund in July 2019 at the price of one dollar.

The magistrate has ordered the Risk managers who are charged in the Alcoa case – for alleged fraud in the sale process of the A Coruña and Avilés plants – to return “the amounts withdrawn for a total amount of 13,000,000 euros originating in the credit policies subscribed by the companies that own the production plants, ”according to an order of September 28. The “sole destination” of the funds, clarifies the magistrate, “to guarantee the existence of funds to finance the working capital operations of the plants’ activity” at a time when Alu Ibérica is on the verge of pre-bankruptcy creditors the workers, waiting for the ERTE (temporary employment regulation file) for which the judicial administrator who controls the company on a precautionary basis has already requested permission.

After the American multinational sold – under social and political pressure – the two factories it wanted to close to Parter Capital for a dollar, this firm resold 75% of the companies a few months later for 13 million euros (about 10 million euros). dollars) to Risk Group. According to the court documents of the criminal case initiated by the union’s complaint against the alleged fraud in the sale of Alcoa, Riesgo bought Alu Ibérica with money that Parter lent it from the accounts of the plants themselves. Risk assured at the beginning of summer that it would restore the 13 million euros. That was before the Hearing removed the group from the management of Alu Ibérica as a precautionary measure due to indications of looting.

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Landing of Risk

The minimum share capital to be able to found a company is 3,000 euros. That is what Víctor Rubén Domenech paid when he created the company PM MR 1866, SL, one of the main companies in the network that Domenech and his partners set up to take over the Alu Ibérica aluminum factories. What the investigators of the fraudulent decapitalization case investigated by the National Court point out is that those 3,000 euros came in the form of two computers that Domenech put in. He is, in fact, the only proprietary partner of the company, but the one who appears as administrator is Luis Losada, whom Social Security considers the alleged front man of the main defendant in the process of emptying the aluminum plants that the multinational Alcoa sold in 2019.

Losada is one of the four detainees in the search operations that were carried out in March at all the headquarters of Grupo Riesgo. And he is, in addition, the owner of the System Capital Management company, which was now called Iberian Green Aluminum Company, which was the company that was founded in January 2020 and which was effectively done with the factories. What the researchers point out is that this company, presumably a screen, was born with a capital of more than 300,000 euros that came thanks to six forklifts put in by the PM MR 1866 company and a printer added by Alejandra Camacho, Domenech’s main collaborator – also detained – So Domenech is the owner of Iberian through PM MR 1866, but Losada reappears as administrator of the company that bought the plants. And who is Losada? A citizen residing in the province of Malaga who until last year knew more about real estate than about aluminum.

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