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Riots in Cádiz on the fourth day of strike by metal workers

New roadblocks in the Cádiz metal strike.

New roadblocks in the Cádiz metal strike.
Europa Press

The fourth day of indefinite strike by the metal workers It is taking place this Friday throughout the province of Cádiz. In the capital, strikers have walked various streets of the city at random.

They have also tried to cut the Constitution Bridge 1812, where they have faced riot police, who have charged the protesters.

On the other hand, road From San Roque to La Línea de la Concepción, the CA-34, where a large part of the large industries of Campo de Gibraltar are located, remains closed to traffic by the protesters gathered there.

It is the same point at which incidents were recorded last Wednesday and where access to the Hospital de La Línea. Since last Thursday, however, ambulances and patients with medical appointments are allowed.

It should be remembered that the indefinite strike continues because the meeting called last Thursday afternoon in Seville ended at around 2:00 am without an agreement, after the unions rejected the employer’s proposal to incorporate increases in the collective agreement. 2% per annum because they are considered “insufficient”.

The general secretary of FICA UGT Cádiz, Antonio Montoro, regretted that, after two days of intense negotiation, the employer continues in an “intransigent” position and offers a fixed percentage that does not guarantee workers an increase in the CPI real.

“Despite the two days of intensive negotiation that we have had, it has not been possible. We continue with the informational pickets and there will be another negotiation opportunity,” explained Montoro in statements to Canal Sur Radio collected by Europa Press. “This is what there and we have no choice but not reaching an agreement with the employer“, he stressed.

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The focus of the conflict continues to be centered on the renewal of the collective agreement, which has been in place since December of last year. For the employer, the increases of 2%, 2.5% and 3% requested by the workers’ representatives, in addition to the reduction of four hours of work each year, would entail “the disappearance of the industry of Cadiz, which would have to compete with those of other provinces that start from a more advantageous situation.”

After not reaching an agreement between the parties in this second negotiating attempt, the Bay of Cádiz faces its fourth day of strike by more than 20,000 workers of the metal sector.

The third day of the indefinite strike this Thursday registered a lower volume of incidents than the day before, but with more traffic cuts in the streets of the capital of Cádiz, which were crossed by striking workers throughout the morning with the participation of even the mayor of the city, José María González, ‘Kichi‘.


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