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Rising value of Artemivsk



war in ukraine
It is settled fundamentally in the terrestrial sphere, with eventual aerial episodes and very rare naval ones. Chinawhom so many esteem as the great defender of Russia, has been moving in ambiguity for three months. Nor does it condemn the invasion (it even stops any initiative against it in the Security Council of United Nations), nor does it send weapons or any other military aid to Russia. On the contrary, Ukraine is heavily subsidized by third parties, palmeros and pagans, who, although supposedly not belligerent, play war and sustain hostilities from outside Ukrainian territory, and even educate and train combatants.

This Ukrainian war is very rare. It is a conflict with profuse use of satellite intelligence (including the EU Satellite Center of Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid), of bombings from airplanes and unmanned flying devices, and of brand-new hypersonic missiles launched from hundreds of kilometers.

While, next to him, the critical mass of the mess shamelessly materializes in a simple land battle so classic that, at times, it seems nineteenth-century. It does not fit the hybrid idea nor does it properly fit into the proxy concept. Its development, in short, is not consistent within the framework of a Europe of the 21st century.

Attacks by Russian troops against the bastion continue Lysychannsk―Sievierodonetsk which, possibly, the Ukrainian General Staff intends to turn into a kind of Mariupol-2. Simultaneously, they try to encircle it in order to continue the progression towards Sloviansk. Effort that, in turn, would serve to secure the northern flank of another, more committed and substantial, that after the conquest of Popasna would lead to Artemivsk (or Bajmut). Population that is one of the most important communication hubs of the Donbass (links 7 important highways); and there, logically, the Ukrainian troops deploy advanced command and control bodies for operations in the area. It is also one of the vertices that, together with Sloviansk, Kramatorsk and Kostiantynivka, make up that vital trapezoid where, in its case, the great battle of Donbass will be decided which, if successful for the Russian troops, would open the door to possibility of a subsequent penetration towards the elbow of the Niéper (Dnipropetrovsk-Zaporiyia).

Peter Pitarch, May 24, 2022

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