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Robles says that Iglesias “has a lot of free time” after his criticism of the management of the crisis in Ukraine

The Defense Minister, Margaret Oaks, assured this Monday that “Spain’s commitment to peace is unwavering” and that it acts as a “reliable and serious” partner of the NATO. In this way, in the face of criticism from the former leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, about the participation of Spain in the Russian and Ukrainian crisis, has assured that “he does not have time” to enter to value the opinions of Iglesias, who “like any citizen” can have his position but, in his opinion, pours his opinions “from free time and absence of responsibility”.

I have a lot of responsibility and I don’t have time for the opinions of Pablo Iglesias which, like those of any citizen, are responsible”, Robles assured in statements to journalists in Moguer (Huelva), where he visited the El Arenosillo Experimentation Center and made it clear that Spain, faced with the crisis in Russia and Ukraine, acts as “a serious and reliable partner of NATO”.

Regarding the military posture of Spain and the criticism of Podemos in this regard, Robles has remarked that “Nothing has been offered that has not been done for many years as a result of Spain’s participation in NATO” since it is “a serious and reliable member”.

At this point, the minister explained that they are “permanent” missions that have been developing for a long time, so that “now what is important, given the crisis situation that is being experienced, is the commitment that Spain and the Government of Spain are making so that there is a diplomatic response and a de-escalation”.

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Likewise, Robles has stressed that the Spanish media, both by air and by sea, “have been there for many years”, since it has reiterated their dissuasive purpose.

For this reason, she has been convinced that the criticism of Spain’s role in this crisis responds to the fact that, “sometimes, there is a bit of ignorance of what the participation is” since the operations that are taking place at the moment “are approved by the Congress of Deputies for many years and they are renewed each year by agreement of the Council of Ministers”.

December 21

In fact, as he continued, “On December 21, the missions of both the ‘Blas de Lezo’ frigate and those to be carried out in a few weeks in Bulgaria were approved“, which “have the corresponding approval of the Council of Ministers and in due course by the Congress of Deputies because they are permanent missions”.

As for when the ‘Blas de Lezo’ frigate is going to set sail, he has indicated that “in two or three days” when the corresponding Covid-19 tests are ready and has stressed that all Spanish action and participation “come within normalcy” within NATO.

Thus, it has made it clear that “the Government of Spain has a clear position”, so that it is “in peacekeeping missions” and in a conflict situation “we must de-escalate and bet on diplomatic channels“, he has defended.

Questioned about the deployment of fighters in Bulgaria or in the missions of the Navy ships in the Black Sea, the Minister of Defense has reiterated that in both cases they are NATO missions in which Spain has participated for years and have already with parliamentary endorsement. It is, as he continued, act as “a committed ally for peace” seeking “deterrence and facilitation of peace”. At this point, she recalled that Spain participates in the Baltic Air Police, as it has been in Latvia since 2014, a mission that she herself visited on December 30.

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For all these reasons, he regretted that there are some who make “slogans for peace” when from the Government “they work for peace”. As for the criticism of Iglesias, he has stressed that this He has no responsibility and does them from “free time”, so he has not elaborated on them.

“The commitment to peace is unbreakable,” emphasized Robles, who also praised the work of the 3,000 men and women who make up the Armed Forces and who “work for peace.”

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