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Robles sets the NATO Summit in Madrid as an opportunity for the leadership of Spain




The Minister of Defense, Margaret Robles, wanted to highlight in his Military Easter speech the great military event that Spain will organize -the NATO Summit in Madrid on June 29 and 30– as a great opportunity for our country in geostrategic terms and “leadership to which we must aspire.”

“The Madrid summit comes at a time that is demanding huge and momentous decisions from NATO on its orientation in the coming years. The NATO of the future will emerge from Madrid“Minister Robles underlined before His Majesty the King, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the military leadership with the Chief of Defense Staff, Admiral Teodoro E.

López Calderón, in front.

Robles thanked the military for the work carried out in the multiple missions carried out this past 2021 – “an intense year”, as he defined -: “Once again the Armed Forces have carried out multiple missions with the dedication, preparation and planning that characterizes them.

The Throne Room where the traditional Military Easter takes place
The Throne Room where the traditional Military Easter takes place – EFE

He wanted to have a special mention for the missions that the Armed Forces have carried out this time due to the pandemic of Covid-19 o la intervention on the island of La Palma with the Cumbre Vieja volcano: «All the men and women of the Armed Forces have been exemplary and we will not give up until we win the battle against the virus. Thanks to the thousands of military trackers and all our military health personnel who are contributing to the vaccination efforts, “he said regarding the coronavirus.

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He also thanked the military for the work during the evacuation of 2,000 collaborators. Afghans from Kabul. “We will never forget the images of thousands of people rushing into Kabul Airport; to our soldiers helping their families to cross that channel in the middle of gunfire, which will always remain in our memory.

Like His Majesty the King, Minister Robles also had words of tribute to the victims of ETA terrorism, on the tenth anniversary of the end of the terrorist gang, “We will always have an unpayable debt of gratitude to them.”

Another of the main ideas of the minister’s speech was the modernization of the Armed Forces undertaken by the Government of Pedro Sánchez, with the approval of investments worth about 17,000 million in the last three years: S-80 submarines, combat aircraft Eurofighter, new frigates, helicopters …

«For this Government, the modernization of our Armed Forces is a priority. This requires endowing them with the necessary capacities to carry out the innumerable missions they carry out. We make a firm commitment to the Spanish Defense industry and the creation of jobs that derive from it. Many areas of the Spanish geography have their main source of employment, in the modernization programs of our Armies, “he stressed.

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