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Rocío Carrasco and her son David Flores will be seen in the trial for non-payment

Rocio Carrasco. / CR

Rocío Jurado’s daughter considers that it is a maneuver by Antonio David to attack her

The judicial war between Antonio David Flores and Rocío Carrasco does not stop. Both have denounced each other and have open cases in which prison sentences are claimed. The latest novelty, the opening of a trial that will lead the daughter of the oldest to sit on the bench for the non-payment of the pension for her son, David Flores, who acts as a private prosecution. The Prosecutor’s Office asks for 18 months of a fine of 20 euros per day, in addition to the 8,000 euros corresponding to the 40 pending monthly payments. For his part, David Flores requests a year in prison and a 15,000 euro fine. In addition, the judge has imposed a bail of 6,000 euros.

A new setback for Rocío Carrasco who considers that everything is a maneuver orchestrated by her ex-husband, Antonio David Flores, barricaded behind his son to attack her again with what hurts him the most. The man from Malaga answered the docuseries ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’ and his sudden dismissal denouncing the mother of his children for non-payment of child support of 200 euros a month to David since 2018. Being of legal age, The young man was required to ratify the continuity of the demand, something he did in May of last year by videoconference from Malaga, adding himself as injured.

years without seeing each other

The procedure will lead Rocío Carrasco to reunite with her son after years without seeing each other. He left home in June 2016, when he went on vacation with his father and did not return in September as he was supposed to. In December of that year he turned 18 and stayed permanently in Malaga with his father and his sister, Rocío Flores, who has always been very protective of him.

This is not the first time that the ex-partner faces in court for child support since Antonio David spent years without paying the almost 560 euros per month that corresponded to him, which led to a sentence that forced him to pay 60,000 euros. A payment that never materialized since the former civil guard declared himself insolvent. At that point, Rocío Jurado’s daughter went a step further and denounced him for punishable insolvency and procedural fraud for having collected invoices through third parties. The Prosecutor’s Office asks for three years in prison and the private prosecution, four.

The situation seems to remain stuck and little or nothing improves for its protagonists. While Antonio David has seen how the doors of television have been closed to him, where he had been a regular collaborator for years, Rocío has not been able to improve his image as much as might be expected given the audience numbers of the docuseries in which he revealed the ordeal he had lived through for years. An image consultancy has analyzed the figure of the daughter of the largest at the request of the magazine Semana. The result continues to be a suspense, although the score has improved slightly, going from 3.4 to 4. Apparently, the confrontation he has with a large part of his family and the positioning of some politicians in his favor would have played against him.

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