Wednesday, September 22

Rocío Carrasco brings out ‘the Jury’ that she has inside




Few women who have seen the two episodes of the docuserie ‘Rocío tell the truth to stay alive’ this Sunday on Telecinco will not have cried when listening to Rocio Carrasco and seeing her broken with pain. You have left us speechless. Some of us already knew that you were destroyed inside but that you were trying to draw strength from where you did not have to stay alive. I imagine those people who have called you a bad mother, they have made fun of if you didn’t even do your highlights, I hope they felt ridiculous. Unfortunately we live in a society that is still very macho and with regard to gender violence, especially psychological abuse, it is so difficult to demonstrate and we are not at all sensitized. Not even women are able to unite and support each other on issues as tough and important as this. Hopefully you can read the number of messages from women who have put themselves in your skin and have sent you their support. It’s never too late.

I liked hearing you say out loud that your children have been torn from you, that you have lost many things because of an ex-husband who has not known how to put down the ground and swallow that hatred or that anger because he did not know how to measure up to you and as your parents warned you, he was not a suitable man for you. You were the daughter of ‘La Más Grande’ and of one of the best boxers in this country. You had everything, but rebellion could and you wanted to play mature. Fate wanted it to go wrong and you will start suffer too much soon and that happiness with which he deceived you will vanish. But your parents were there to rescue you and take you back home. Where as you say the problems burned inside but the smoke did not come out. But you were orphaned too soon. Thank you that you ran into on the way with Fidel Albiac, your superhero, the one who, as you yourself have related, saved your life. The one who helped you get on your feet, your friend, confidant … The one that many draw as an ogre, a being who has abducted you and who even dares to say that he has become rich by your side.

What a pity that those people do not know that he is walking through the National Court with the toga on because for your pride and that of those of us who love him he is a brand new lawyer. But that does not sell. A husband who has done is protect you without cutting your wings, although many have not understood it. It hurts me that you say that your children hate you. I can’t or don’t want to believe it. I felt angry the day that justice decided to dismiss the case for your alleged mistreatment despite those devastating psychological reports from both your team of private psychologists and those from the court. I know that for weeks you had to reopen the wounds and it was not easy. It causes me pain and anger that on August 5, 2019 you tried to kill yourself. But I understand that you had no other way out. As you say you want peace and with a GH Vip with your daughter as her father’s defender, a diabolical mind as you define him, it was impossible to bear. Too many headlines and too much media pressure. It does not surprise me that a month later when we met again there were no tears left to cry listening to your mother at the premiere of the musical in Valladolid. You were thinner than ever, but once again you didn’t want to give us pity and you swallowed it all. Some will understand you a little better, others will continue to hate you, but I think that opening the channel in this way will give you the oxygen you need to continue living.

I love that you have chosen pink for the most important interview of your life, it is a symbol of innocence, love and generosity. And they are the qualities that best define you. Hopefully from now on you can live more calmly and without fear. With your family, your friends, your plants, your dogs … and Spain does not want you to throw in the towel.

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