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Rocío Carrasco, forceful against Antonio David and Olga Moreno: “You are a scoundrel and your wife a provocateur”

Rocío Carrasco, one more week, has narrated her experiences in the tenth episode of her docuserie, ‘Dew. Tell the truth to stay alive. ‘ On that occasion, he told how his wedding was with Fidel Albiac, the estrangement with her son and what her work in ‘Talk to them’ meant for her, where she did the presenter work with four other colleagues and later friends such as Alba Carrillo or Yolanda Ramos.

The first part has started with the change of her son David “since Rocío is not at home.” He assures that he “would have liked to give him some independence”, but that he did not do it for fear of what might happen to him if, for example, he sent him alone to buy bread. Furthermore, he adds that his son “feels sorry for him because he has been used by this person (Antonio David) to do him more harm and profit”. He has narrated how his son started getting into some fights at school or saying something outrageous.

He also states that the situation at home was increasingly complicated: “When I had an exam, he refused to study because his father had promised him that he would be a singer and that for that he did not need to study “. Rocío has emphasized that her son was trying to vent to her from the other family: “One day his father told him that he had to go with them because his sister missed him.” He also adds that an occasion Rocío Flores told her brother: “Tell mother that she is going to cry tears of blood and that I am going to put her in jail”. These nefarious behaviors were more, to such an extent that they called her from school because David said that “she was a bad mother and that she did not love him.”

However, not everything has been negative. Rocío keeps very good memories of her passage through ‘Talk to them’: “It gave me a lot of life. Sometimes I had a hard time going out because of the medication, but I really enjoyed it.” He has also joyfully commented on his wedding: “We decided to get married to fulfill what we had always wanted.” Although this joy has been short-lived when he has exhibited a chilling episode that his son lived: “His father told him that if he defended myself again, he would get out of the car and walk back”.

“Olga Moreno has been an accomplice”

Already in the second part, we have been able to live the definitive separation of mother and son. Initially, David was going to spend the summer with his father so that he could return to his mother in September, in time for the wedding. “I get in touch with his lawyer and he tells me that he doesn’t know anything about the wedding, to speak directly with him,” Carrasco confessed. Right afterwards he referred to Olga Moreno as “another scoundrel” who “has been an accomplice and on some occasions essential for the harm that has been done to me”.

After explaining some notorious absences from his wedding, such as Rosa Benito’s, he has charged Antonio David for the cover that he starred in with his children on the same day that she was getting married: “He had no qualms and put his son on a cover to make me a bad mother. His case would be ‘Live off your wife until you can live off your children.’ Seeing that he did not return the child, he decides to impose a legal claim that wins but never becomes effective. Confess that she does not come down for her son herself “for fear that he will reject me and because I do not know what he can prepare me if he knows that I am going for him”.

“You wanted to fill the coffers at the cost of a scandal of mine”

This whole situation triggered a trial in which she tries at all times to see Antonio David. When he leaves the room, he sees his son head-on, accompanied by Olga: “She sees me leave the room, looks at me, grabs the boy’s face and begins to kiss him and turns his face so that he doesn’t see me. I, this one here, was going to get her. My lawyer he grabbed my sleeve and told me not to get in trouble “.

After this experience, Rocío has charged hard and forcefully against Olga: “It is not true that she gets up and tells me ‘Are you really not going to greet your son?’, As she has told in a ‘Deluxe'”. He has also referred to marriage in a negative way: “You (Antonio David) are a scoundrel and your wife a provocateur. You wanted to fill the coffers at the cost of a scandal of mine. What I experienced that day, any mother would have reacted in the same way that I was going to react, and they stopped me. “The episode ended with Rocío realizing that her son had been registered in Malaga for months:” realize that I have given birth twice but I no longer have either of them “.

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