Tuesday, May 18

Rocío Carrasco’s testimony triggers inquiries to the new WhatsApp 016 service

Rocío Carrasco during the famous documentary.

Rocío Carrasco during the famous documentary.

The new WhatsApp service linked to 016 for assistance to victims of violence against women has received in its first twenty days of operation 680 inquiries, of which 83% refer to cases of gender violence in the partner or ex-partner and 16.8% to other types of violence.

This is how the delegate of the Government against Gender Violence, Victoria Rosell, has advanced this Thursday, who has valued the launch of this service, the exclusive number of WhatsApp 600 000 016, which began operating on March 10.

In the 21 days of operation in the past month, this service registered 1,557 queries, of which 877 were not relevant and 680 were. Of the latter, 566 (83%) were related to cases of gender-based violence in the sphere of a partner or ex-partner and 114 were related to other forms of violence against women (16.8%).

Rosell has referred to the increase in consultations to the services of attention to victims of sexist violence 016 after the testimony of Rocio Carrasco in TV. Calls to 016 have increased by 61% compared to the previous month and “online” inquiries by 281%.

Whenever there is a program, a campaign, a case of media projection that comes to light, many other women self-identify their own violence“, has indicated Rosell.

He recalled that according to data from the 2019 Violence Against Women Macro-survey, almost 80% of intimate partner violence is not reported to the Police and courts, a percentage that rises to almost 90% in the case of sexual violence.

“It is necessary give value to people who help make gender violence visible because it has been shown that verbalizing it, asking for help, is the first step to get out of violence, “he warned.

Regarding the creation of 24-hour comprehensive care centers for victims of sexual violence, the Government delegate has indicated that the agreement for their creation will be taken to the Sectorial Equality Conference on the 19th.

And he has trusted that, Despite the “multiple ideological differences” between the autonomous governments, “all will want to participate in this comprehensive and specialized protection against sexual violence and in favor of the victims.”

He highlighted that with the launch of these crisis centers, to which women in an irregular administrative situation will also be able to access, Spain is at the height of the Istanbul Convention and begins to bridge the existing gap between comprehensive protection against violence in a relationship and other forms of violence such as sexual violence.

Regarding the trial for the alleged case of multiple rape of a woman in Sabadell (Barcelona), she highlighted the importance of focusing on certain institutional attitudes and stressed how unnecessary it is to ask the victim if she is sure of what she says. , as necessary for the prosecutor to have stated that his testimony has been credible and convincing.

“There is a State that must also tell the victims institutionally: I do believe you. This does not violate any kind of presumption of innocence, neither the prosecutor saying it before there is a sentence, nor society saying to the victims’ I think ‘, because historically, even legally, women have been given less credibility than men, “he said.


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