Monday, November 28

Rodrigo Granda: former FARC commander, detained upon arrival in Mexico

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Rodrigo Granda.

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Granda was one of the negotiators in the peace process.

The former commander of the Colombian guerrilla of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Rodrigo Granda, was detained this Tuesday at the Mexico City airport, in a confusing incident.

Great, known as the “chancellor of the FARC”, participated as a guerrilla negotiator in the peace process with the Colombian State and maintains its adherence to the agreement signed in 2016 during the presidency of Juan Manuel Santos.

Granda told Semana magazine that he had signed “a voluntary resignation to enter” in Mexico at the request of Mexican authorities and planned to return to Colombia on a scheduled flight early Wednesday morning.

According to his account, four Mexican agents took him to the migration zone, where he was informed that he could not enter the country, but received no further explanations.

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