Thursday, March 30

ROG Flow Z13 boasts of being the most powerful tablet on the planet: 12th Intel and an RTX 3050 Ti

ASUS has just introduced a 13-inch tablet that has gaming components typical of the laptop market inside. Its objective is to conquer gamers who want maximum mobility.

The world of computing never ceases to amaze us. And if until now the normal thing was to launch powerful laptops and efficient tablets, some for work and play, the others for office issues. Now ASUS wants to mix both concepts into one.

Republic of Gamers has presented what is, according to them, the most powerful gaming tablet in the world. The device is called ROG Flow Z13 and ROG Flow X13, and it combines the mobility of a tablet (here the best Android tablets of the moment) with the performance and versatility of a PC.

Weighing 1.1kg and with a 12mm profile, ASUS promises that the tablet is slim enough to be used as a traditional tablet or workstation.

To make it really convertible, the ROG Flow Z13 can be used with both a keyboard and mouse, as a controller or using the touch screen. And, in case it falls short, you can add an external XG Mobile graphics card via USB-C (Thunderbolt 4.0).

The tablet comes in two configurations, one powered by Intel (ROG Flow Z13) and one powered by AMD (ROG Flow X13), both with Windows 11 installed out of the box. Let’s see them.

  • ROG Flow Z1 comes with: up to a 12th Gen Intel i9-12900H processor, with a graphics card that can go up to the NVIDIA RTX 3050 Ti for laptops. This is joined by 16 GB of 5,200 MHz LPDDR5 RAM and the 1 TB PCIe SSD.
  • ROG Flow X1 comes with: up to an AMD Ryzen 6900H processor, with a graphics card that can go up to the NVIDIA RTX 3050 Ti for laptops. This is joined by 16 GB of 5,200 MHz LPDDR5 RAM and the 1 TB PCIe SSD.
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As for the screen, both models mount two panel options. One top of the range that is a 13-inch 16:10 UHD (3840×2400 px) touch screen at 60 Hz, 85% DCI-P3, with Adaptive Sync, Pantone validation and Dolby Vision.

And another more modest that boasts of 13-inch 16:10 FHD (1920×1200 px) 120Hz, 100% sRGB touchscreen with Adaptive Sync, Pantone Validation and Dolby Vision. It will depend on the use that we are going to give it, more gaming or more professional.

Ultralight laptop with Intel Core i7 processor and a 15.6-inch Full HD screen and OLED panel, achieving the best quality in colors, blacks and brightness.

With these characteristics we can say that ASUS tablet wants to and can compete with some mid/high-end gaming laptops without much troubleespecially due to the choice of new generation processors, with a lot of power per core and very low consumption.

Per the product pictures, this tablet is the closest thing to a computer crossed with a large Nintendo Switch. Without a doubt, very interesting for a small group of users who, until now, did not have many options on the market.

That yes, prepare the portfolios, since The ROG Flow Z13 is now available with a dock at a price of €3,999, and without a dock at €2,099. Much more than a laptop with the same characteristics.

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