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Ronald Koeman defends Messi amid controversy: “Leo deserves more respect”

Ronald Koeman defends Messi amid controversy:

The Blaugrana coach asked for respect for the man who has done so much for the club.

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As expected, in his most recent press conference, Ronald Koeman was questioned about rumors of an alleged bad relationship between Griezmann and Lionel Messi, emerged after the rumors unleashed by the French’s former adviser, who declared that Antoine did not shine in the club because of the Argentine, who led a “regime of terror”.

The strategist of Barcelona strongly rejected that there is friction between both players.

Messi deserves more respect. Asking him when arriving for Griezmann is disrespectful. They are eager to seek controversy. The one who has said that has not been with Griezmann for 3 years. I can understand that controversy is sought, but I haven’t seen any bad relationship between the two of them in the dressing room … They’re bullshit”Koeman clarified.

Moments later, he justified Messi’s reaction when he arrived at El Prat airport and told the media “I’m a bit tired of being the culprit of everything in Barcelona”, A phrase that the press initially took as a response to the words of Griezmann’s ex-adviser, but that later it was understood that his annoyance was directed at the Spanish Treasury, whose representatives held him an hour before he could see his family.

I must defend Leo because after a 12-hour trip, they do a check at the airport for an hour and then you find a lot of press asking questions“, He added and closed the subject abruptly. “I’m not going to answer any more of that,” he said.

Regarding Messi’s future, he said that it is difficult to know what will happen, but said that he would like him to stay at the club, although he revealed that he cannot do much to achieve it.

“Nobody knows what can happen in the future. In my opinion Leo has to stay here, but I am not the person who has to convince him. Hopefully his future is here but you don’t have to be nervous about him. It is incredible what Messi has done for this club and he has the right to make a decision about his future ”, he concluded.

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