Monday, October 25

Rooster to the corral and summer to rest

Animals, especially roosters and chickens, which roam freely in the public space, have become a source of annoyance for residents of the houses adjacent to the park who arrive during the holiday season to enjoy their vacations. Cackling noises From the early hours of the morning, dirt produced by birds and unhealthy are some of the annoyances reported by these neighbors, especially those on Calle Canela, who also complain about the lack of attention from the municipal government to their demands.

Eva Gómez Ortuño, president of one of the communities of owners of Viñamar, ensures that after a journey of several weeks by councils and municipal authorities, including the repeated use of electronic administration – where they do not even respond with a virtual “come back tomorrow” – and the notification in the local police offices, the municipal government has ignored their complaints. Of the Department of Animal Protection to the Beaches. From Health to Parks and Gardens, no one, they say, has offered them a solution that involves improving the situation of animals and the well-being and tranquility of vacationers and regular residents. From here to there and from there to here, as the popular habanera says, in the face of the continued lack of response from the City Council, the residents have finally chosen to resort to a direct complaint and in a single window before the Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Civil Guard.

«The residents of the park are forced to confront daily our personal and work life with a damaging alteration of our rest due to the lack of diligence and inactivity of the City Council “, they explain in the letter that the owners direct to this service of the Benemérita. They consider that these annoyances are “totally avoidable”, and consider that the solution is to move the birds “to a natural environment outside the urban environment of the public park” or to create a specific place for the animals, of course far from the residential area, so that they can be controlled by personnel who are in charge of their maintenance “and collection at night.”

Unhealthiness and avian fauna

The residents They extend their complaint to the unhealthy situation in which, in their opinion, this public space is located, for which months ago, as INFORMATION has verified, the maintenance of Parks and Gardens has not passed and with a striking accumulation of equipment from a restaurant that is still open in the public domain of Costas. Unhealthy also “due to the thousands of excrements of these birds throughout the entire enclosure.” And they go to detail: «Each rooster or hen defecates between 12 and 15 times daily», And making numbers warn of the diseases that can be transmitted.

How these animals got there is another story. El Molino del Agua is not the only public space with the presence of domestic avian fauna. Since its inauguration in the 2000s the Park of Nations It is the urban habitat of a large population of several species of birds (including poultry) that have made and continue to delight young and old -as well as compromising traffic in their forays into the variant of the N-332-. The Station Park, next to the historic Acequión canalIt also houses a small poultry colony, this one with added controversy when the animals, expanding their usual territory, also settled in the entrance gardens to the nearby Acequión health center. Another large group roams around the new residential space of Villa Amalia.

In this new summer protest page with roosters and chickens as objects of neighborhood discontent, residents of the area understand that if birds have been occupying the vicinity of the public park for several months, the Town Hallor your own municipal ordinances should apply first. They believe that the animals found in the Parque del Molino del Agua are also subject to “its ordinance regulating the keeping of animals”, which specifies that it must be “compatible with hygiene, public health and safety of people and goods ».

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