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Rosario Murillo: the “co-president” of the 462 dresses

An image of Rosario Murillo.

An image of Rosario Murillo.

The political-matrimonial society Come in Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo He will have, from the new period of Government, a new institutional figure fruit of the imagination of the former guerrilla commander. Ortega gave his wife a position that does not exist, that of “co-chair“As if it were a title. The” vice “thing, he suggested, would not do justice to that 70-year-old woman who is niece of the general Augusto Cesar Sandino and daughter of a prosperous rancher. Educated in England and Switzerland, vocational poet and follower of the guru Sai Baba, Murillo is no longer satisfied with the tasks he has accumulated since 2007, including directing the Foundation for the Promotion of Love (FUNDAMOR) that promotes “human self-knowledge” and “the development of individual and collective self-esteem.”

Rosario is even more unpopular than her husband, but no less ambitious or prone to all kinds of whims. “He likes to attract attention. Three rings on each finger a dozen necklaces that adorn her slim neck and another dozen bracelets. Showy colors, flowered fabrics and combinations that very few dare to wear, “said the newspaper. The Press. Up to the official site Digital 19 he allowed himself to account for the 462 dresses that accumulates. Has instituted, according to The Press, “a form of family patrimonialism following the same trends and practices of the Somoza family, which ruled Nicaragua from 1937 to 1979 “.

The Chayo He does not know the measure, and that is why he addresses Nicaraguans every day to tell them how much he does for them. The speeches always have a spiritual and biographical touch. He remembers that he met Ortega in Costa Rica in 1978 and that they belonged, albeit with different responsibilities, to the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) that sought to overthrow Somocismo. Those red and black days, like the guerrilla flags, they have been transformed, thanks to political and aesthetic pranks, purple and pink. The color gradation seems to best match the ideals of a marriage that, in many respects, behaves like a Royal family.

Determining role

Murillo He played a vital role in Ortega’s return to the presidency in 2007. Then they vowed never to repeat the mistake made 17 years earlier, when Sandinismo was defeated at the polls. Behind their outbursts kitsch and the combination of a jargon new age With the rudiments of the catechism, Rosario cunningly handled the springs of the State.

She has had ten children, from three couples. All have joined the marriage project with the exception of the eldest daughter, Zoilamérica Narváez, who in 1998 denounced her stepfather Ortega for raping her when she was a child. Murillo never doubted to whom he owed loyalty. “I have been terribly ashamed that a person with an impeccable resume was intended to be destroyed,” she said in defense of her husband. Zoilamérica went into exile and was left out of the system of family favors and privileges. Parents and children, under maternal supervision, participate in oil and television businesses and in other areas.

Clan airs

Laureano Ortega Murillo It is the son who seems to sum up part of the aspirations of the parents. Have the physiognomy of the president and the eccentricities of the “co-chair”. Commercial activities do not divert you from your main vocation: be an opera tenor. “My world is music,” he repeated. He did not hesitate to use public resources to sing in Managua arias of Tosca and The Traviata, the operas of Giacomo Puccini and Giuseppe Verdi. He believes that he has a voice as portentous as it is versatile, and that is why, in the midst of the elections and the political crisis, he decided to be part of the cast of The Verbena de la Paloma, the lyrical sainete by Ricardo de la Vega and Tomás Bretón. True to his prosapia, he likes to be in everything, and that is why he has also enlivened an international bolero festival. Clock, do not mark the hours / Because I’m going to go crazy, bramó.

Despite his vocal efforts, Laureano has not been able to challenge his brother Juan Carlos, 40, the status of Rosario’s favorite. “There is not and will not be an imperial or colonialist force capable of defeating this people who are advancing in unity in the construction of their own dreams,” he said on the eve of the war. He manages the communication device that gives his mother a space for the daily sermon. Like Laureano, he is also interested in music and plays guitar in a rock group, Cycle. Our mystique is stronger / Here you have us today as yesterday / Here ready to winhe sings, and seems to be talking about his dynasty.

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