Sunday, August 1

Rubén Alfaro: «Infections have skyrocketed in the social sphere and among young people»

Could the complicated health, social and economic situation in which Elda finds itself now have been avoided?

I consider that on the part of many citizens there has been an exemplary behavior and I want to value and thank that for that. But it is also true that a minority of Eldenses have lowered their guard in the social sphere, and that has favored the spread of this contagious virus.

What has failed for the Ministry of Health to decide to increase the restrictive measures in the city against covid-19?

We have always made the decisions that were required at all times. Decisions that have been the correct ones in changing and adverse circumstances. But there are people who do not quite assume that this virus is very contagious and that it can cause serious health problems, not only to the elderly or those with illnesses but also to young and healthy people.

Do you think it will be only 14 days of perimeter confinement or will the measure be extended?

I trust and hope that the next two weeks will be enough to reverse the current situation. But it will largely depend on the wisdom and responsibility of each one of us. Only in this way will we be able to move forward and this message I want to highlight because that is what the members of the Council of City Council spokespersons have asked me to do.

Do you have the feeling of failure because you have not been able to control the pandemic with the measures that the City Council adopted two weeks ago?

I do not consider this a failure, it is an unprecedented situation because we have not suffered such a pandemic for 100 years. We make daily decisions, we learn, we correct and we move forward. It is everyone’s problem and we must all provide the solution.

Have the meetings in the barracks and the youths been the main spreading focus of the virus?

I do not want to criminalize any sector with names and surnames, but there are two palpable things. On the one hand, infections in young people between 18 and 25 years old have skyrocketed and, on the other hand, some people in the social sphere have lowered their guard since the end of the confinement decreed with the state of alarm of the first wave of the pandemic.

Why do you think that the covid is especially prevalent in the regions of Alto and Medio Vinalopó?

I believe that mobility is a very important factor. As the capital of the Medio Vinalopó region there is a lot of mobility, a lot of offer for the tertiary sector that fosters social relations. At Elda we are very social, it is our open nature, we like to get together a lot and that now works against us.

Will the perimeter closure of the city cause damage to commerce and hospitality?

I hope no. They are the sectors that take care of the rules and recommendations the most. We already announced a few days ago that, in the coming months, aid packages will have to be tackled if necessary in different sectors so that they can alleviate the difficulties they are experiencing.

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