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Rufián warns the Government: “Either solve the situation of the prisoners or he will make decisions”

ERC spokesperson in Congress, Gabriel Rufián.

The ERC spokesman in the Congress of Deputies, Gabriel Rufián, has launched this Saturday a warning message to Coalition government in relation to the independence prisoners, warning him that “ERC will make decisions accordingly “if it does not solve the situation of the incarcerated in the coming months. by the separatist process.

In an interview on RNE’s ‘Parliament’ program, collected by Europa Press, Rufián has remembered the PSOE already United we can that ERC is “essential” for governance and to carry out “according to what laws” such as the General State Budgets (PGE) or other norms that the legislature guarantees.

In this context, consider that pardons for procès prisoners are not incompatible with the amnesty law that his group has presented with other pro-independence parties, and that the PSOE has advanced its refusal to this initiative.

Of course, he has explained that the amnesty proposal “does not want to eliminate anything”, but what they want is that “there is someone on the other side of the table” in relation to the coalition Executive: “And for the moment there is not.”

“It is a proposal that wants to remove the board (…) The problems cannot be postponed, we have a pandemic situation and a brutal economic crisis, but there are still people in jail unfairly and wild, also in exile, and we believe that the best way is to present the amnesty law to clean the board, to be able to do politics and the only thing that awaits that proposal are political counterproposals, we do not expect insults or complicit silences, but begins to talk about politics, “said the ERC spokesman.

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“The best tweet is the BOE”

About the relationship with United We Can, Rufián wished the still second vice president luck, Pablo Iglesias, in the Madrid elections against the “philosophical” positions of Isabel Díaz Ayuso and thanked her for her statements about the independence prisoners and her messages on Twitter supporting them in this cause.

Yes indeed, has reproached the members of United We Can of the Government that “the best tweet is the BOE” in relation to the situation of the independence prisoners, and has also disapproved that the ‘purple’ formation did not stand before the demands of ERC in some votes for the extension of the state of alarm that ended up with the support of Citizens.

Regarding a possible electoral advance in the general elections, Rufián has affirmed that “anything can happen” because, in his words, “In La Moncloa, more than politicians, they are Netflix scriptwriters”. However, it recognizes that after the approval of the Budgets and with European aid, this Government could have a certain path.

Regulate the rent

Otherwise, Rufián has also commented on the proposal of the socialist part of the Government in relation to the housing law and has assured that “it is not only humiliating, but it is hostile”: “And if you follow this proposal, you are breaking agreements.”

Furthermore, he censures that the Catalan legislative framework is not recognized in that proposal, after the Catalan Parliament approved a law in this regard. “Well today, or they approve it with the PP and Vox or it is not approved,” he has sentenced.

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Bárcenas and the PP

On the other hand, Ruffian has reproached the former treasurer of PP Luis Bárcenas that he “brazenly lied” during his appearance at the Investigation Commission of the Lower House, where he believes that he covered up the former president of the Government José María Aznar.

“Five years ago Bárcenas covered Rajoy, now he’s covering Aznar, maybe in five years he’ll uncover it“, said Rufián in an interview with RNE’s ‘Parliament’ program, collected by Europa Press.

Here, the ERC spokesman criticizes that Bárcenas “committed a crime” by considering that he lied during his appearance in Congress and points to article 502.3 of the Penal Code, “which already recognizes that a person appearing in an investigation commission has to say the It is true because otherwise he may incur crimes of imprisonment for between six and twelve months. ”

Furthermore, Rufián insists that “it covered up people that everyone knows are involved” with the corruption of the Popular Party and has indicated that Bárcenas is a “professional of this” and that he was a “necessary collaborator.”

“We are talking about a PP corruption machine for forty years,” declared the ERC spokesman in Congress.


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