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Rumeysa Gelgi: what is Weaver syndrome, the condition that affects the tallest woman in the world

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Rumeysa Gelgi receives recognition as the tallest living woman in the world

Image source, Guinness World Records / PA


Releysa Gelgi mide 2.15 meters.

Rumeysa Gelgi is a 24-year-old Turkish woman who is 2.15 meters tall and has been confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest woman in the world.

Gelgi suffers from Weaver syndrome, a rare condition that accelerates growth. Over the years she has been the victim of prejudice, but says the recent recognition has been a source of pride because it makes her feel special.

“As a child I had to deal with bullying. It was not easy to develop my self-esteem during those years. But the truth is that I always felt that I was unique thanks to the positive attitude that my parents instilled in me,” she told the BBC.

At age 18, Gelgi held the record for tallest adolescent of the world.

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