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Running machine vs. jogging outdoors: what is the best option?

The treadmill is a useful tool for people who do not want to jog outdoors and who like to exercising in a more controlled environment. However, and as indicated Healthline, jogging in the open air offers more dynamism to the runner.

It’s without doubt that both modalities of exercise help us stay healthyBut the question is whether jogging outside is a better option than the treadmill or vice versa. We will address it in the following sections.

Treadmill: pros and cons

Perhaps the main advantage of the treadmill is its accessibility, we can use it day or night by having it in the comfort of our home or in a gym, so it does not involve the movement that we could make to the site in the free trot, or failing that, you would avoid safety problems by not jogging in the streets at night.

The treadmill offers a safe environment for physical activity, allows us to ignore the possible dangers of jogging in the open air, an issue that allows us to approach exercise with a little more confidence.

However, since the treadmill remains fixed in a specific place, when using it We will not be able to observe landscapes that jogging in the open air does allow us and that for some people is one of its main attractions.

Also, the treadmill works fewer body muscles because we do it on a flat surface while the treadmill pushes us forward, nothing to do with the wide repertoire of movements that we could do when jogging outdoors.

Jogging outdoors: pros and cons

Exercising outside helps you get in touch with nature, which is good for your mental health. Source: Pexels

Jogging outdoors leads us to work more muscles in the body to overcome the obstacles that we may encounter along the way and the changes in the surface of the route we choose to travel.

This type of exercise strengthens the bone structure because it is commonly performed on harder surfaces than the treadmill. This will help people who for one reason or another want to strengthen their bones.

Among its cons, it should be noted that jogging outdoors offers dangers to the runner according to the time, place and weather conditions in which they decide to exercise. These are variables that are not present with the treadmill.

Jogging in hot temperatures can promote dehydrationEspecially if you plan to run long distances, so jogging is preferable when the temperature has moderated.

There is no one best option that applies to everyone, both the treadmill and jogging outdoors are exercises beneficial to the health of the runner, so preferring one option over another is mainly based on our personal preferences.

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