Sunday, February 5

Rural Extremadura shows its muscle in Madrid

Massive response from hunters, farmers and ranchers to demand fair measures from the Government and the EU that do not penalize them

Celestino J. Vinegar

In the most urban municipality in Spain, the rural world exhibits its strength. Thousands of people from Extremadura (the Extremaduran Hunting Federation places 10,000 people arriving from the region between buses and cars) have joined as leading actors of the first order of a massive demonstration that with the slogan ’20M Rural, together for the field’. Around 150 buses from all points of Extremadura have traveled to Madrid chartered by the hunting collective, for a protest convened jointly by hunters, farmers and ranchers, agri-food cooperatives, bull breeders and the Alianza collective Rural.

The situation of the rural environment, at risk of depopulation, “affected by a deficit of public and private services, an insufficient CAP to solve the main problems”. has pushed dozens of demonstrators to a march of about 4 kilometers that began around eleven in the morning to end around two in the afternoon.

“If the Executive does not attend to their requests, it is because it is irresponsible”

With frequent requests that the Government resign and adopt measures that promote living in rural areas, the protest has also been redirected by the policies of the European Union towards the towns and their most significant sectors.

The march has passed in a peaceful and thunderous way, with a participation described as historic by the president of the Extremadura Hunting Federation (Fedexcaza), José María Gallardo. The ban on the use of lead within a year, not being able to hunt in national parks, the ‘penalization’ of hunters by the future animal protection law and the policies “that promote the real and cultural disappearance of hunting,” Gallardo stresses , push for a demonstration of this caliber. “Today more than ever we must say yes to hunting, long live the countryside!”, Manuel Gallardo, president of the Royal Spanish Hunting Federation, has claimed.

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More than 100,000 people take Madrid to defend the rural world

Meanwhile, from the agricultural organizations Asaja, UPA and COAG, plus the agri-food cooperatives are clear that today more than ever the professionals of the field are fundamental. However, they emphasize, they only encounter obstacles and a lack of recognition.

That is why they demand, among other measures, a shock plan in the face of the increase in agricultural production costs and the application of the Food Chain Law to guarantee at least cover costs. They insist that Brussels must implement a more “fair” CAP and Strategic Plan, which address the loss of income in agricultural and livestock farms.

They also demand hydrological plans “adapted to the future of the sector, which ensure water for irrigation and guarantee food production.”

The demonstrators have indicated that there will be new demonstrations if “solutions for an empty Spain that does not give up to die” are not adopted.

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