Friday, January 28

Russell Crowe and Juliette Binoche animate the Reyes undercard

An image from the movie 'Handbook of the Good Wife'.

An image from the movie ‘Handbook of the Good Wife’.

Before the feast of the wise men, most of the film premieres this week is moved to Wednesday. It is the case of ‘Wild‘, with a Russell Crowe mad at the wheel, ‘Handbook of the good wife’ in which Juliette Binoche shows his comic or childish is’Little vampire ‘.

For Friday the premiere of ‘The thousand and one’, a teenage love story between women directed by Argentine Clarissa Navas, which debuted at the last Berlinale.

Russell Crowe, psychopath behind the wheel in ‘Wild’

A daily mishap on the road turns into a real nightmare in this film starring Russell Crowe (‘Gladiator’, ‘A wonderful mind’) giving life to Tom, a man who, in the throes of mental collapse, crosses paths with Rachel (Caren Pistorius), a young woman who is late for work and who, nervously, berates him with the horn that does not move your car at a traffic light.

From then on it will begin a dangerous game of cat and mouse whose plot is reminiscent of other recent titles such as ‘Wild Tales’ (2014). The director Derrick Bore gets behind the scenes in this movie written by Carl Ellsworth.

Juliette Binoche forms perfect wives in the middle of May 68

Juliette Binoche turns to vaudeville comedy in ‘Handbook of the good wife ‘, directed by Martin Provost. The actress French becomes Paulette, the director of a school for housewives in which they train teenagers to become “the perfect wives.”

But when her husband died and with the arrival of May 68, Paulette began to question her beliefs and joined forces with her students so that they could become liberated women.

‘The little vampire’, a children’s comic that makes adults laugh

Joann Sfar himself, author of the children’s comic saga ‘The Little Vampire’, directs this film adaptation, an animated film of French production to which The carries all his wild humor, tenderness and imagination.

Accompanied by his faithful bulldog Automate, Little Vampire secretly escapes from the haunted house he lives in search of new friends. The will soon meet a human boy, Miguel, but their friendship draws the attention of the terrifying Bosses, an old enemy who has been haunting him for centuries.

‘The thousand and one’, new Argentine cinema

The second feature film by Argentina’s Clarissa Navas, which opened the Panorama section of the last Berlinale, is a love story between girls in a popular neighborhood from the city of Corrientes.

The protagonist, Iris, played by Sofía Cabrera, is a shy and lonely teenager, who plays basketball and hangs out with her two cousins, when she begins to discover that she likes girls more than boys. The culprit, Renata (Ana Carolina García), a daring and free-spirited young woman with a bad reputation in the neighborhood.

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