Thursday, February 22

Russia and the US accuse each other of the possible use of biological weapons in Ukraine

Russia and the United States they have accused mutually from research and of possible use of biological weapons on Ukraine. The Russian Defense Ministry has charged to the US to have funded a biological weapons program in Ukraine, stating that he had found evidence of this in Ukrainian laboratories. For its part, United States believes that behind these “false accusations” Russia could be planning the use from chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine, under the pretext of responding to that alleged threat.

On Wednesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharovawarned that there is fear in Moscow about “developments by United States from biological military materials in Ukraine“. United Nations answered that has no record of the existence in Ukraine of these illegal chemical and biological weapons programmes. However, this Thursday the Russian government has accused again of this to the US, claiming that he had found tests about it in Ukrainian laboratories.

“The goal of these Pentagon-funded biological investigations in the Ukraine was to create a secret spread mechanism of deadly pathogens“, the spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry pointed out this Thursday, Igor Konashenkov. According to him, Moscow recovered “documents sent by employees of Ukrainian laboratories”, evoking “the human biomaterial transfers collected in Ukraine to foreign countries at the request of US representatives.”

“Experiments with coronavirus”

Likewise, Konashenkov also cited an “American project for the transfer of pathogens by migratory wild birds between Ukraine and Russia and other neighboring countries.” The spokesman said the United States planned to “carry out work on pathogens of birds, bats and reptiles in Ukraine in 2022”, as well as the “possibility of spread of the African swine fever and anthrax“.

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“In the established and financed laboratories in Ukraine, these documents show that experiments were carried out with samples of coronavirus like a bat,” Konashenkov said.

Along the same lines, the Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrovhas denounced this Thursday from Turkey “absolutely scandalous facts about what the Pentagon does in the biological laboratories created with its money”. The diplomatic chief has accused Washington of using “Ukrainian territory to carry out experiments with pathogenic agents that can later be used to create biological weapons“. Lavrov assured that the Americans “carry out these activities in the greatest secrecy” creating laboratories “along the perimeter of Russia and China.”

“Operation False Flag”

Given these accusations, The United States and Ukraine denied the existence of laboratories to produce biological weapons in this country, which has been facing a Russian offensive since February 24. In this context, the White House spokeswoman, Jen Psakihas warned about the possible use of chemical weapons or biological in Ukraine by Russiaunder the pretext of responding to an alleged threat in the country that, he assured, is “false.”

“Now that Russia has made these false accusations, and China appears to have endorsed such propaganda, we should all be vigilant about the possibility of Russia using chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine,” Psaki wrote on his official Twitter account.

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Moscow could also use such weapons as part of “a false flag operationPsaki added, referring to a war tactic in which one party to a conflict commits an act and makes it appear as if the other party did it. “This is the kind of disinformation operation that we have seen over and over again that Russia has been using Ukraine and other countries for years, that they have been discredited, and an example of the kind of false pretenses that we have warned the Russians would make up,” Psaki tweeted.

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President Joe Biden’s spokeswoman stated that The United States “neither develops nor owns” chemical or biological weapons “anywhere”, and that “it is Russia the one with a long history to use” such weapons prohibited by international conventions. “All this is an obvious attempt by Russia to try to justify your premeditated attackunprovoked and unjustified to Ukraine,” he stressed.

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