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Russia burns corpses to cover its tracks

A woman walks through the streets of the city of Borodianka, with the houses destroyed. / AFP

Moscow orders to destroy “any evidence of their crimes” in crematoria, according to the Mariupol authorities

The brutality discovered in Bucha after the Russian Army left the city after almost six weeks of occupation has prompted an international response in which the words “war crimes” and “genocide” have gained special prominence. A sentence that Vladimir Putin wants to avoid again at all costs. How? Burning corpses to “cover their tracks.” This is what the Mariúpol City Council denounced this Wednesday in a statement in which it noted that “Russian crematoria have begun to operate” in the city. “After wide international coverage of the genocide in Bucha, the Russian Federation’s top leadership ordered any evidence of its Army’s crimes to be destroyed.”

Although Russia denies its authorship in the devastating images of Bucha and attributes them to a “montage” of the Government of Volodímir Zelenski, the images taken by satellites invalidate that position, showing that there was a trail of corpses in the city since mid-March. In addition, Moscow has warned of possible “assemblies” of kyiv in other parts of the territory such as Mariupol, Gostomel, Moschun, Sumy or Konotop, which suggests that the scenario found in Bucha can be repeated in these cities that have been occupied by the Russians.


“Our town is an extermination camp”

A week ago an estimated 5,000 civilians were killed in Mariupol, but given the size of the city, the length of the blockade and the destruction of the shelling, tens of thousands may have lost their lives. “That is why Russia is in no hurry to give the green light to save and evacuate.” “They are trying to identify all potential witnesses to the occupiers’ atrocities through the leak camps and eliminate them,” the Consistory said. «The ‘ruscistas’ have turned our entire city into an extermination camp. This is the new Auschwitz,” stressed the mayor, Vadym Boichenko.


More than 400 people are still missing

After 35 days of occupation by Russian troops, Gostomel has been released and authorities report that more than 400 people are still missing. At the moment not many bodies have been found in the center of the city, but in the villages, where several “murdered” residents have been discovered. “The occupants moved people. Along the road there were vehicles with dead bodies, including children, but then they disappeared. They are covering up the traces of their crimes,” warned Gostomel Governor Taras Dumenko.


‘They fired on civilians’

After weeks of siege, the Moscow Army began its withdrawal from Sumy on Sunday, although small groups of Russians remain. In recent days, new columns of soldiers have entered the region, “entrenched themselves, terrorized communities and fired on civilians,” Governor Dimitro Zhivitski said. The number of deceased is unknown.


Widespread damage and impact craters

Widespread damage and impact craters have been seen in this city of fewer than a thousand people, which is in the same district as Bucha, northwest of kyiv. Moscow left the site on March 30 after about five weeks of occupation.


Hundreds of dead north of kyiv

Ukraine lost control of the city on February 25. The Prosecutor’s Office says that hundreds of civilians have been found dead in the towns north of kyiv, where Konotop is also located, although the real number of victims is still unknown.

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