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Russia demands that the EU give up deploying military advisers to Ukraine




The Russian Foreign Ministry yesterday alerted the European Union in relation to the planned deployment of a military advisory mission in Ukraine, as announced on Tuesday in the framework of the 23rd Ukraine-EU summit. The warning was issued by the Russian Foreign spokeswoman, Maria Zajárova, underlining that such a European military presence “It would be a violation of the Minsk peace accords”, reached in February 2015.

In the opinion of Zajárova, who called the project of military cooperation with Kiev “training bases”, the step taken by Brussels has been “thoughtless” and “raises concern”. “The implementation of such an initiative (…) will contribute to the militarization of Ukraine and an escalation of tension in Donbass”, the separatist east of Ukraine, assured the Russian diplomatic spokeswoman.

On Tuesday in Kiev, while the Euro-Ukrainian summit was taking place, the Ukrainian Defense Minister Andrei Tarán declared that “we are doing everything necessary so that by the end of this year an advisory and military training mission -of the European Union- is implemented in practice ”. The request for military aid to Brussels came precisely from Tarán himself a few months ago. But the President of the European Council, Charles MichelHe clarified on Tuesday that the initiative is still pending analysis in Brussels.

In any case, last Monday, France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine, the four components of the Normandy Group, agreed to hold a meeting of this quartet at the level of Foreign Ministers in the near future, yet to be determined, to try to advance towards the peace in eastern Ukraine and urge the parties to implement the Minsk agreements. To do this, President Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel spoke by telephone in succession with the Ukrainian leader, Volodímir Zelenski and with the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin.

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In this regard, Zajárova affirmed yesterday that the meeting of the heads of Foreign Affairs of the Normandy Quartet “is already in preparation.” “During the telephone contacts on October 11, the leaders of Russia, Germany and France agreed to instruct their political advisers and foreign affairs agencies to identify the most relevant and urgent tasks” regarding the implementation of the Minsk agreements, he said. the spokeswoman.

Following the annexation of Crimea in March 2014, a similar uprising occurred in the Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, which also received military and financial support from Moscow. Was unleashed a war that caused more than 13,000 deaths and it was stopped in part thanks to the Minsk accords. However, the different interpretations of the treaty make it impossible to move towards the final end of hostilities.

Moscow believes that Kiev should sit down to dialogue with the separatists to define the model of autonomy that they will have within Ukraine and then bring it to Parliament for approval while the Ukrainian authorities first demand elections with international guarantees from which the leaders of the Ukraine emerge. Donetsk and Donbass to talk to. The current ones, chosen in elections that no one has recognized except Russia, are considered terrorists in Kiev.

Even today the trickle of deaths continues due to the sporadic clashes that take place in the line of separation between forces of the Ukrainian Army and the armed rebels of Donbass.

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