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Russia is already in the race to produce electric cars and proposes Flip, “the taxi of the future”

The LIFT can change its batteries quickly or it can use alternative fuel fuels such as gas and hydrogen.

Foto: Ruiyang Zhang / Pexels

At the height of the production of non-polluting vehicles, the Russian company SberAutoTech presented the prototype of the FLIP, a Fully autonomous electric car that can comfortably transport people or be used as cargo transport.

The manufacturing company pointed out that the FLIP “provides a fast, safe and comfortable transport of passengers using the latest technologies from the world of computing and the automotive industry.”

“The taxi of the future”, as promoted by the company, is powered by an electric motor, which has as its source of energy a very practical battery module that can be replaced in less than five minutes.

SberAutoTech notes that its proposal removes current restrictions on the use of electric vehicles, such as long-term charging of standard batteries and their high cost.

And to extend its autonomy, FLIP can use other sources of energy in addition to electricity, such as alternative fuels, including gas and hydrogen.

According to the developer, the autonomous taxi is “fully connected” and can be called through a mobile application and it has a security system that recognizes passengers with biometric technologies.

Another advantage of FLIP is that it offers totally personalized trips, where passengers of the “taxi of the future” can choose their navigation routes, set the desired temperature in the cabin, as well as play music and video during the trips.

The dimensions of the vehicle are the same as those of a standard passenger car, but with 40% more interior space, since it does not have the traditional control systems for the driver.

The car has the capacity to comfortably transport up to six people who can communicate with the unit through their own virtual assistant. Or if desired, due to its size it can also be used as a cargo vehicle.

The innovative transport has the most advanced autonomous driving technologies and uses a set of lidars, radars and cameras to assess the situation around him and move safely.

A prototype of the vehicle will be shown in June to the participants of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

With information from Sputnik and RT

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