Thursday, April 18

Russia shot a Sky News crew who identified themselves as press

  • Two members were shot in their vests in the city of Bucha and in the end all were rescued alive

UK Sky News Chief Correspondent Stuart Ramsay and Camera Operator Richie Mockler they were shot in their bulletproof vests and survived this Monday to an ambush by a Russian reconnaissance squad while they were driving to the city of Bucha, 30 kilometers from the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. “The first round broke the windshield. Cameraman Richie Mockler huddled in the front passenger footwell. Then we were under full attack,” the correspondent reported in a first-person account published Friday.

Ramsay has described that, at first, the Sky News team thought that it was an error on the part of the Ukrainian Army at a ‘checkpoint’, but when verifying that they kept shooting, despite shouting at the attackers that they were pressThey realized that they were in danger. “Producer Martin Vowles, who was driving, got out of the car first, quickly followed by Andrii Litvinenko, our local producer, leaving me, Richie and my producer Dominique Van Heerden inside, taking shelter in the footwells and in the back seat. “, has counted.

After a few confusing moments, the producer of the British chain was able to get out of the car and went to a highway barrier, where she took refuge for a few moments while the shooting continued and the chief correspondent and the camera operator tried to flee. “Richie says I then got out of the car and stood up, before jogging to the edge of the embankment and then starting to run. I lost my balance and fell to the bottom, landing like a sack of potatoes, slicing my face. Almost certainly that my bulletproof vest and my helmet saved me,” he said.

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Refugees in a factory

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Later, the camera operator was also able to get out of the car and the five Sky News workers ran to a concrete wall for cover, from where they were able to take refuge in a factory it was open. “We were convinced that the shooters would come to finish us off. A door opened and three guards beckoned us to enter their workshop,” said the correspondent, who confirmed that the rest of the night they were in the factory waiting for a rescue by the British chain, which was notified of what had happened. “Outside, the sounds of the battle intensified. We had no idea what was happening, but we were afraid that at any moment the garage doors would explode inwards and armed men would come to kill us,” the journalist said.

The chronicle ends on a more positive note. The Ukrainian Police escorted the Sky News team, after hours of uncertainty and gunfire outside the warehouse, to a safe place. Stuart Ramsay has recalled that “thousands of Ukrainians are dying and families are being attacked by Russian death squads.”

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