Wednesday, March 29

Russia will grant citizenship to Ukrainians from Kherson and Zaporizhia

Current geography does not consider the Ukrainian provinces of Kherson Y Zaporizhiain the south of the country, part of the Donbas region, in the east, where leaders Y Russian military commanders they claim to concentrate their efforts to achieve their complete “liberation”. But the Kremlin continues to send out signals suggesting that aspires to join these territories, which are ultimately the only ones where their troops have made significant territorial advances since the start of the war. The Kremlin has published a presidential decree announcing that it would facilitate the issuance of passports to citizens of these invaded territories through a “simplified procedure” urgently.

This presidential measure was already appliedfor almost three years, to the inhabitants of Donetsk Y Luhanskthe two provinces of Donbas, and thanks to this resolution, hundreds of thousands of inhabitants they have become citizens of the Russian Federation, a group that will soon be joined by residents of the Zaporizhia demarcation, partially under the control of the invader, and that of Kherson, fully occupied by Russian troops. In the latter territory, pro-russian authorities installed by the Kremlin have already announced their intention to put the ruble, the Russian currency, into circulation and completely eliminate the hryvna by the end of the year.

kyiv: “flagrant violation”

Unsurprisingly, the Ukrainian authorities have railed against what they see as a flagrant violation from his sovereignty and territorial integrity. “The forced distribution of passports to Ukrainians in Kherson Y Zaporizhia is new proof of the criminal objective of Russia’s war against Ukraine,” reads a statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry. According to the UN, about one million ukrainians have taken refuge in Russia, a much higher figure according to Moscow. Because a good part of the humanitarian corridors They couldn’t work it’s hard to tell what percentage of this group is in Russian territory according to their will and how many Ukrainians have been forced to travel to Russia due to the impossibility of reaching the territory under the control of the Kyiv government.

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Meanwhile, in the far eastern part of Donbas under the control of the kyiv government, Russian forces continued their military offensive aimed at encircling Lisichansk Y Severodonetskthe only two cities of respectable size in the Luhansk province in Ukrainian hands. Following closely the new tactics from bombard with intensity an area for a long time before proceeding to its cautious occupation by the infantry, the population of Severodonetsk was under constant mortar fire, while the single access road it remained open, although it was constantly shelled, according to local authorities. “All the remaining Russian military force is concentrated in Donbas, the occupiers want destroy everything there,” accused the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky.

The main fear of the governor of Serhiy Gaidai, governor of the Luhansk province, is that both populations end up becoming a new Mariúpol in the event that the Kremlin troops and their allies manage to close the vise around them. Although most of the civil population has fled, in the cellars of both cities, separated by a river, are still thousands of citizensespecially pensioners and people without resources who has nowhere to go.

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