Thursday, February 29

Russia will not abandon NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei in space

The growing tension between Washington and Moscow had questioned the return of the cosmonaut aboard the ‘Soyuz’ ship

The consequences of war between russia and ukraine have completely changed international relations, also in terms of space missions. The usual cooperation between the United States and Russia, the two leading powers in this field, has recently been affected by the war in Eastern Europe.

An example of this was last Tuesday’s affirmation of Dmitry Rogozinhead of the Russian space agency Rockosmosabout the possible fall of the International Space Station because of the sanctions imposed by Biden.

In the last hours the tensions have increased, to the point of talking in various media the possibility of Russia abandoning the American astronaut Mark T. Vande Hei in the space. According abcnewsthe controversial Rogozin would have published a video threatening this possibility due to the bad relationship between both countries due to the war.

The planned plan for the astronaut’s return was for Vande Hei, who is going to complete 355 days of space mission, to return to Earth together with two Russian companions in the ‘Soyuz’, a Russian state-owned ship.

Moscow denies it

Faced with the uproar caused by the accusations, Rockosmos has had to deny the information about the possible abandonment of the American on the Space Station and has assured that The astronaut will return aboard the ‘Soyuz’ spacecraft on March 30following the established plan.

Thus, the three astronauts are expected to land at the cosmodrome in Baikonurthe gigantic space station located in Kazakhstan.

Peace of mind at NASA

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From the United States, the messages regarding the controversy they are reassuring. “I can assure you that Mark will return home on that Soyuz“, he assured Joel Montalbanomanager of NASA.

In addition, in statements collected by the CBS networkMontalbano says that the joint operations of the two space agencies continue their course: “Nothing has changed in the last three weeks, the Station’s control centers work successfully, without problems, we are not seeing any impact on what happens around us”.

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