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Ruvamar workshops | The experience, innovation, quality and price you need to take care of your vehicle

If we talk about workshops in Alicante, Ruvamar is one of the largest in the province regarding technology, personnel, training, machinery, organization and resource management.

This small local company of a national character is continuously committed to innovation without forgetting tradition. Being a service company, innovation must be constant in work processes, machinery, training, in order to optimize time and obtain the higher productivity of your team.

For this reason, in Ruvamar they expanded their vehicle repair shop activity to the Sales and installation of tires In 2001, in 2004 the first Spanish portal for the sale of tires by Internet, being for this recognized by all the professional press of the sector of the motoring, being on the covers of prestigious magazines and occupying an important leadership in the field of innovation in the sector.

This small local company of a national character is continuously committed to innovation.

Due to the success of the online tire sales business, in December 2013 the first physical store of Alicante tires, in the Polígono de Rabasa. (Repsol gas station) Avda de la universidad.

They work with a wide variety of tire brands.

Today, Talleres Ruvamar represents the brands Bosch Car Service with the highest quality label Q1 (Workshop of Excellence), Best Drive, is also a technical center specializing in digital and analog tachographs, betting on the training of its employees, having the tools and the machinery more novel and specialized in the sector: five diagnostic machines of vehicles, checking engines, 19 lifts, fully automatic tire mounting machines, state-of-the-art balancers, play detector, complete wheel diagnosis and 3-dimensional steering aligner.

On the other hand Tires Alicante manages the sale and distribution of tires by web and in its current physical store with tire assembly service and quick mechanics. They are experts in tires for all types of cars and motorcycles, being a reference workshop in Alicante. Its success lies in advising the end customer, communicating to the customer the characteristics of each tire, brand and model, working through purchasing management processes in manufacturers and distributors at national and European level, optimizing the price and logistics from the manufacturer to the end customer or tire fitting workshop (has more than 1500 partner workshops) and thus offer the best price.

They repair and serve all types of vehicles.

Pioneers in innovation

Ruvamar’s team is made up of 20 professionals, making it one of the largest workshops in the province. Likewise, they have adapted to new technologies and social communication channels, being pioneers in the sector.

For its part, Neumáticos Alicante has been one of the first Alicante companies in the sector to include social networks as a way to attract and keep customers, as well as to adapt its iconography to the image. These facilities also had an impact on a European level for being facilities that the professional press gave the name of “Tire Boutique”, for its design and technology in addition to the highly qualified professionals and innovative sales models employees, using the traditional sales model with new social media channels and web promotions.

They have adapted to new technologies and social communication channels, being pioneers in the sector.

Is very important to interact with customers, or potential customers, in a personal and close way, giving them participation and breaking the “passive” attitude that until now the mechanical workshop had in relations with businesses and companies.

Great business track record

Ruvamar has a extensive trajectory business since 1977, being in 2001 the first workshop in San Vicente del Raspeig and one of the first in the province of Alicante to obtain ISO 9001 quality certification.

Modern facilities with state-of-the-art machinery.

Throughout these years it has carried out a territorial expansion, going from being a local workshop with provincial coverage, to expanding to the entire territory of the Valencian Community by acquiring contracts at regional and national level.

There is a network of workshops in the provinces of Castellón, Valencia Y Alicante in which coverage is given to the fleets of vehicles that work with this company, counting in Castellón with 6 workshops, Valencia 4 workshops and Alicante 3 workshops.

Ruvamar is a specialist in vehicle fleet maintenance and repair management for organizations, companies and individuals.

Your team is made up of specialized technicians.

Leaders in their sector for their quality of work and their prices

Great work capacity and speed in repairs.

More information:

Alicante tires:

Address: Avenida Universidad, S / N, 03009 Alicante

Telephone: 865646427

Ruvamar workshops:

Address: Ctra. de Agost, 84, San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante)

Telephone: 965 66 08 04

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