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Sabina and Fito Páez go from being “intimate enemies” to reconciling with a joint Latin Grammy

From “intimate enemies” to happy and reconciled friends, Joaquin Sabina and Fito Páez received this Wednesday in Las Vegas (USA) the Award for Musical Excellence of the Latin Grammy as a tribute to his exceptional artistic career.

Sabina and Páez shared this honor from the Latin Recording Academy along with other names in capital letters of Hispanic and Latin music such as the Brazilian Martinho da Vila, the Mexican Emmanuel, the americans Sheila E. y Pete Escovedo, the dominican Milly Quezada and the Puerto Rican Gilberto Santa Rosa.

This emotional event, which was held the day before the Latin Grammy gala, had a special flavor for Sabina and Páez for their turbulent – and then cordially resolved – common history.

In 1998 they edited “Intimate Enemies”, a four-handed album that, from its title, made clear the climate of confrontation, anger and tension in which the album was produced.

The friendship and collaboration between the Spanish and the Argentine jumped into a thousand pieces and both crossed hard attacks in the public sphere until they finally made peace in 2007.

Away from those years of arguments, the two praised their friendship today but did not renounce their particular sense of humor.

“Now I’ll throw some darts at him.”A funny Páez told Efe when he assured that he and Sabina did not know “how to live otherwise.”

However, it was Sabina who struck with irony in her thank you speech.

“I swear by my holy mother, and that Fito breaks his leg if I lie, that I’ve never been in an auditorium with so much talent together “, he claimed.

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In a less humorous tone, Sabina told Efe on the red carpet that she was “especially” happy to obtain this honorary distinction with Páez.

“I haven’t seen him in a long time. I met him on the plane coming from Miami and it was a great joy “, he claimed.

Tribute from colleagues

Both Páez and Sabina stressed the pride that comes from winning a lifetime achievement award and delivered by colleagues in the music industry in the framework of the Latin Grammy.

“It’s like they almost sent you to the cemetery …”, joked the author of “Mariposa tecknicolor” in the prelude to the event.

“No, it is received with joy and gratitude. It is beautiful to be in this situation and a great privilege. I hope they don’t regret it before they give it to me “he added with a smile.

For her part, Sabina pulled her usual sarcasm and rogue attitude and said on stage that she was delighted that this tribute was in Las Vegas (USA).

“For something they call it the city of sin and I have been a bit addicted to sin. It is the city that never sleeps and I am still wide awake. The only thing that I am not going to fulfill of the wonderful slogans of this city is that of ‘what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas’, since I am going to show this award to everyone, “he said between laughs

Sabina also remembered the music professionals who have been “dumb” and without work because of the pandemic.

“This award is also dedicated to those behind the scenes and their families,” he said.

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The event also paid tribute to the successful balladeer Emmanuel, to the figure of samba and Brazilian popular music (MPB) Martinho da Vila, to the star of the meringue Milly Quezada, to the exceptional salsero Gilberto Santa Rosa, and the influential percussionists Pete Escovedo (from the Azteca group) and her daughter Sheila E. (Prince collaborator on “Purple Rain”, 1984).

In statements to Efe, Gilberto Santa Rosa still declared himself “incredulous” and compared it to “playing in the big leagues”While Milly Quezada was “blessed” to “represent” merengue and Dominicans at the Latin Grammy Awards.

“This award means that your colleagues discovered something in you, it means that your music left something in their heart, their intelligence and their path. And here we are receiving this with great pride and satisfaction because they have been sweating for many years. It is a very sweaty and very worked award “, detailed Emmanuel.

The tribute to these legends was attended by numerous music stars such as Carlos Vives, Paty Cantú, Jorge Drexler, Pepe Aguilar, Pedro Capó or Leiva.

The event also recognized the trajectories of the Mexican producer and composer Guillermo “Memo” Acosta and the Colombian accordionist Egidio Cuadrado, who received the Award from the Board of Directors.

According to the description of the Latin Grammy released in a statement, the Board of Directors Award is given “to people who have made significant contributions to Latin music during their careers, but not necessarily in the form of performances.”

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