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Safe driving of trucks on the national highway

A good number of truck drivers believe there is less risk of an accident when driving on rural roads. This is argued by the lower number of cars than on the streets of the metropolis. Unfortunately, despite this fact, according to statistics, a greater number of accidents occur exactly on federal and regional highways.

It should be noted that truck drivers, who circulate on the roads outside the city, feel more at ease. They think they can exceed the speed limit and get away with it, because there are not cameras on all roads. Everyone is in a hurry to make a delivery as quickly as possible. In addition, it is worth noting that when driving on rural roads, the monotony of the process has a detrimental effect on the condition of drivers while driving.

Often, as a result of such an impact, people fall asleep at the wheel, lose alertness and speed of reaction. All of this leads to irreparable consequences. Professional trucking companies use special programs for these purposes, allowing them to monitor how fast they are driving and how long the driver has been behind the wheel. Thanks to such software, it is possible to adjust the employee.

Individuals must emphasize self-control. The road is not a safe place. To ensure that driving on a country highway does not become a real test and disaster for drivers, it is worth knowing the basic rules of safe driving outside the metropolitan area.

How can I drive safely on national roads?

Safe driving implies strict compliance with traffic regulations, as well as appropriate measures. Regarding the latter, we are talking about the inspection of the truck for faults, the presence of all technical fluids, the correction of the brakes and headlights, and the elimination of all unnecessary elements that prevent a safe and comfortable driving.

Å If it is raining, foggy or snowy, then the best decision is to stick to the right side, because bad weather will not allow you to correctly determine the size of vehicles moving in the opposite direction. It will be extremely difficult to navigate when visibility is low.

When driving in such conditions, you should also be ready to stop at any time, turn on the windshield wipers, check the speed of the car on the speedometer, use the audible signals, and turn on the fog lights in conjunction with a low beam (in a fog).

Trucks have a fairly long stopping distance. In this regard, in bad weather conditions, drivers must be extremely careful and attentive. There are conditions under which the transport company can stop for a time. Autonomous truck drivers must follow the same actions. It is better to wait for the bad weather to pass than to risk your life.

While driving, you should never be distracted by a phone conversation. In the event that the dialogue cannot be postponed (for example, a dispatcher calls), the only true solution is to make a stop. It is possible to talk without parking, using a loudspeaker and placing the device on a special stand.

It pays to be very careful on roads with gravel surfaces. On those roads, a stone can break the windshield and leave scratches and chips on the body, but it is less of a problem than the first option.

Do not forget that it is forbidden to obstruct the passing traffic rules. The fastest car should be allowed to pass ahead. Trucks have their own speed limits, which drivers must be aware of.

Overtaking must be done quickly, but carefully. The driving time in the opposite lane must be minimum, between 12 and 14 seconds. It is required to overtake for 100 meters and more. Minimum time: overtaking is the key to safety. In no case is it impossible to overtake if there is a column of cars or more trucks ahead.

If the driver engages in transport as a self-employed citizen or simply decides to do it himself, he must ensure proper securing of the load. Carelessly secured items can simply fly off and fall into the vehicle behind, which can have very unfortunate consequences.

When driving a truck on the highway, the driver must have full confidence in the safety of his maneuver. You should avoid sudden increases in speed. It is most important in wet and icy weather, when road traction is much worse. It is better to avoid an accident on the road and the subsequent recourse to a lawyer, better to spend more time maneuvering the truck.

In the case of the next long road, you need to rest and gain strength as much as possible. Distraction while traveling can have irreversible consequences.

If it is necessary to stop while driving, you must first turn right, slow down, and only then will you be able to stop on the side of the road. If you have to stop for a truck, you should only park in a designated parking space.

Safe driving will help prevent accidents and ensure your goods and valuables are delivered in one piece, regardless of the length of the journey.

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