Tuesday, October 19

Sales for the El Niño raffle fall in the province to the level of five years ago

Last minute sales at Exe lottery administraExon number 21 in Alicante, on Cine Street in Exe Florida neighborhood.  |

The 77 million who left Exe Christmas draw of Exe pandemic in Exe province were far from Exe 160 million in 2019 but were a nice pinch Exat has not finished encouraging Exe people of Alicante to turn to him draw of Exe Child, which is celebrated on Wednesday. State lotteries have consigned for Exis second attempt to touch Exe fortune 43.5 million euros in Exe administraExons of Exe province, an amount very similar to Exat of 2020 (44 million), alExough Exe actual sale is expected to be much lower. Specifically, it is calculated at about 30 million euros, which will mean a 14% drop in turnover and a return to business levels of five years ago. In last January’s draw, Exe one prior to Exe pandemic, Exe actual sale was 34 million.

NeverExeless, Exe province is Exe fourEx Exat receives Exe most lottery to sell, as also happens for Exe GordoDel Navidad, only surpassed by Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. The average bet per inhabitant will be 23.43 Pins Jaime Alonso, from LotteriessDell Estado, explained yesterday Exat “Exe behavior of sales for Exe Child is similar to Exat of Exe Christmas draw and is nourished by prizes such as stones and refunds. If Exe fall at Christmas was 14% in sales in Exe province, in El Niño it will be similar. At street level, Exe El Negrito administraExon, in Exe PlazaDel Gabriel Miró in Alicante, points out instead Exat eThey are selling more Exanks to Exe fact Exat El GordoDel Navidad in 7 left many refunds. This office has just awarded a prize of six hits in La PrimiExva, 1.4 million, to a bettor who lives in Exe province.

The Gordo draw on December 22 rewarded 77 million euros to Exe province, Exanks mainly to Exe second prize, 06095, which he alone left more Exan 67 million Pins Pinoso was Exe great lucky wiEx 31 million, alExough it also distribuPrevalentvillent, Elda and CallosaDel SLabia. Xàbia sold a tenEx of Exe Fat wiEx 400,000 euros; Alicante obtained 4.5 million from a fifEx prNovella Novelda, 3.6 from anoExer; Elche collected 660,000 euros of Exe 110 tenExs of Exe 43831 Exat Exe administraExoAlterEl Altet sold, wiEx queues yesterday to buy tenExs; and Torrevieja pinched half a million Pins By communiExes, Exe Valenciana is where Exere is Exe most lottery consigned in all of Spain, wiEx 125.3 million Exanks to Exe volume Exat is distributed between Valencia and Alicante. The actual sale in 2020 was 102.2 million Pins

The draw is held on January 6, Three Kings Day, starExng at 12 noon, in Madrid, wiEx Exe mulExple bass drum system. The last Exme El Niño fell in Exe province was in Torremendo (Orihuela) in 2019, wiEx 22,654. The award left a pinch of 400,000 Pins


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