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Salgado Macedonio: Evelyn, the daughter of | Opinion

Evelyn Salgado, this Thursday at a campaign event in the city of Chilpancingo.
Evelyn Salgado, this Thursday at a campaign event in the city of Chilpancingo.José Luis de la Cruz / EFE

In the express poll that Morena conducted to decide the candidate for governor of Guerrero in less than 48 hours, Evelyn Salgado Pineda was presented as “the daughter of Félix Salgado.” Why does a political party choose paternalism to present a candidate or why referring to who is a professional woman in relation to a man is relevant in the contest for one of the states with an alarming problem of child prostitution and drug trafficking ? Perhaps because making the father-daughter relationship explicit reveals the electoral strategy. Nobody knew her, it was important to relate her to her father, to know from whom she inherited the candidacy. The elections in Guerrero are given to Morena, that was the delicate point of the candidacy of Félix Salgado Macedonio when he was denounced for violations and accused of abuses, which was finally backed out by the INE and the Electoral Tribunal, not because of the complaints of violation, but because he did not present the pre-campaign expenses. In Félix Salgado Macedonio’s Facebook post to invite people to the start of his eldest daughter’s campaign in Acapulco, he chose an image from the animated film Olé, Ferdinand’s journey in which a bull carries a little girl on his back, surprised to see the world from the heights of the bull, at her early age.

Evelyn Salgado Pineda, 39, has a questionable resume for the position for which she contends, in which she stands out being married, having studied 10 hours of Word, 15 hours of Excel, having taken a leadership course in public administration with a duration of 20 hours and having been president of the Acapulco DIF in the period in which her father was municipal president (a position that is not decided democratically but at discretion, since it is a position of trust). Salgado Macedonio’s publication to invite his daughter to start the campaign ends with his distinctive affirmation “There is a bull!”, A phrase that he also used as part of his own campaign and the same phrase with which Evelyn Salgado Pineda ended the speech with which he announced his candidacy.

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Why they call him “bull” and call himself “bull” probably has to do with one of the classic symbols associated with masculinity and virility. Salgado Macedonio is the father of five daughters and it is known that he has a reputation as a womanizer (apart from the reports of rape and harassment, which would be interesting to see from the classic perspective in which Zeus, turned into a bull, rapes Europe). Publicly throughout his public career he has made references to his sexuality in multiple ways, such as, for example, when in 2001 he opposed the change of daylight saving time because he was one of those who “likes to make love when he gets up, he that it is customary to call ‘the morning man’, the same one that he has referred to in the recent rallies in which he accompanies his daughter, when asking people at what time they will meet for the next public act, and he says things into the microphone such as: “So we’ll see each other at 10 in the morning even though they’ll run out of morning.”

I have followed this case in the work of Almudena Barragán, whom perhaps I should blame for having reached the “artistic” side of Félix Salgado Macedonio (since I saw several videos of Salgado Macedonio singing) and that other form of expression turns out to be part of this same argument: he has recorded several songs in which he speaks extensively and explicitly about his taste for women. He even made a movie called, predictably, Guerrero and in the trailer, which is rather a short political speech, we can see him on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, painted with some symbols of political protest against the PRI, and we see him start like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator with the Acapulco sun behind. The motorcycle, that other symbol associated with the masculine. He recorded a song called “La cadenita” and has a YouTube video in which bikini-clad women dance with constant close-ups of their breasts and buttocks while he sings. He also recorded a song called “Open book” in which he sings, among other things: “You do write very beautifully, for you I am an open book, write on me, I need you.” Toro is not the only one of his nicknames, in his position as mayor of Acapulco he was also known as El Señor de los Table Dance.

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Evelyn Salgado Pineda started the campaign alongside her father. Despite the fact that Félix Salgado Macedonio has made several declarations that his daughter is better than him and that he will return to the Senate, and that he has practically nothing to do with it, he has been in all of his daughter’s public events up to now and in the Campaign start-up spoke in plural: “They took time to notify us, we could not start the campaign and they took time to give us the key to report campaign expenses and in its first event it was already notified that it has spent a million pesos in 89 acts of proselytism. ” This is referring to the fact that his daughter does not make the same mistakes as him, because she does notify the INE of the expenses.

Evelyn was married to Alfredo Alonso, son of Joaquín Alonso Piedra, a financial operator for the Beltrán Leyva cartel. Whoever governs a hot state like Guerrero for six years, needs not only preparation and political vision, which in any case for Morena does not seem to matter. In normal professional conditions, the data of who is someone’s partner should be irrelevant, however, when it comes to a potential link between the Government and the drug trafficker, it is necessary to know. Who is your current partner? What link does Evelyn Salgado Pineda have with Alfredo Alonso? In other words, what relationship does Morena’s candidate have with the narco? On the allegations of rape of her father, Evelyn Salgado has not spoken or made statements, on the contrary, she has declared the importance of the bond that unites them: “I want to thank a great man and a great social fighter. Our bull without fence that has not given up and is going to continue working. Long live Félix Salgado Macedonio and all the warrior men and women that we have in our State ”.

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Morena has seen this as an opportunity to capitalize on the feminist movement on her behalf, she has wrapped Evelyn in a purple speech. They claim to be part of the party most committed to women by having eight candidates. But who are these women? This is the case with Evelyn. Citlalli Hernández, secretary general of Morena, one of the 4T women who has spoken openly about her feminism, just a couple of months ago made public her position against Salgado Macedonio, spoke of resigning in congruence with her ideas, and suddenly , before the candidacy of Evelyn, he gave this turn: “It is not necessary to demerit the capacities of Evelyn. Beyond being the daughter of our candidate who suffered injustice, she leads with her own qualities and leadership. ” How so did Félix Salgado Macedonio suffer an injustice, whom she herself pointed to as a rapist? They use the speech to empty it according to their electoral interests.

Salgado Macedonio himself has said that those who question the legitimacy of his daughter’s candidacy are exercising “gender political violence”. Feminists in Q4? Really? If they are feminists as they claim to be, why didn’t they listen to the voices of the women who denounced rapes and the many more who pointed out the abuses by Félix Salgado Macedonio? Is the word of so many women worth less than the 19,000 pesos that Salgado Macedonio did not declare before the INE? What does Evelyn think about the complaints against her father? They know how to put on the shirt that best suits them to win the elections, if that shirt is purple, it will be purple, but just as they put it on they take it off. Or rather, they don’t touch it: on this case, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, defender of Salgado Macedonio, prefers not to express his opinion because he does not want to fall into any provocation.

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