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Salgado Macedonio threatens the INE with his disappearance hours before the ruling of the electoral authority

Félix Salgado Macedonio is leading a protest this week in front of the Electoral Tribunal in Mexico City.
Félix Salgado Macedonio is leading a protest this week in front of the Electoral Tribunal in Mexico City.Sáshenka Gutiérrez / EFE

Félix Salgado Macedonio has taken another step this Saturday to try to intimidate the National Electoral Institute (INE) and has openly threatened the body with his disappearance hours before defining whether or not to ratify the cancellation of his candidacy. The politician and the apparatus of Morena, the party that supports the Government, have never contemplated the possibility of taking a step back despite the complaints of rape against him and the outrage that his nomination provoked in society and within the training. They also did not give up when the INE suspended its list to the governor of the state of Guerrero two weeks ago due to irregularities in pre-campaign expenses. On the contrary, they appealed the ruling and used his disqualification as an instrument of propaganda in the federal and local elections of June 6, trying to present him as a victim. On Friday, the Electoral Court of the Federation returned the ball to the institute, which must rule again this Sunday.

Salgado Macedonio then left Acapulco to go to Mexico City with a caravan of militants and intensify his pressure against the organization. And this Saturday it has gone further by putting its dissolution on the table. “The inspection is carried out by the National Electoral Institute […] the INE has superpowers. Then, it will be necessary to legislate on that, including on the permanence or not of the INE. I say that the INE has already complied and this INE should disappear and give life to another one committed to equity, committed to impartiality, “said Salgado Macedonio during a stop in the city of Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero, according to statements collected by Reform.

Both the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and the Morena leadership, headed by Mario Delgado, closed ranks with a veteran politician from the beginning. They refused to opt for an alternative candidate despite the very serious accusations that weigh on him and the deep rejection of the feminist movement. The candidate was supervised by an internal commission that limited itself to ordering the repetition of the polls that the party conducts among supporters and militants to choose its candidates, a sort of primary. Salgado came back and won.

Later, the electoral authority’s resolution was given and a fight began with Morena, led at the beginning by the president himself and, since this week the authorities’ prohibition to openly campaign has been in force, by Delgado. “The law gave us the reason and those advisers who act as employees of the Prian [en referencia al PRI y al PAN] have been in evidence, for their partial action. We hope that the INE begins to act in a different way, we want an impartial and responsible referee ”, said the national president of the formation, who accompanied Salgado Macedonio in a sit-in at the gates of the Electoral Tribunal.

The thesis of the leaders of the so-called Fourth Transformation is that the National Electoral Institute represents the past and for this reason it is an institution with which they must break. “Supreme conservative power”, López Obrador came to call him. The pressure reached such a point that the head of the organization, Lorenzo Córdova, had to defend the work of the councilors. His last manifestation is this week. “Today it has been said that the referee must be discreet and neutral,” he wrote on social networks, alluding to some statements by the Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero. “I totally agree! But it must be added: being discreet and neutral does not mean being ignorant and indifferent to violations of the law, but quite the opposite; Faced with this, it must be strict and punctual ”.

The conflict generated by Salgado Macedonio is just one example of the battles that the Government is willing to fight in order to carry out its political project. López Obrador, for example, has also just entered into a melee with the Judiciary when a judge suspended the electricity reform, one of his main bets. And the Guerrero politician has already advanced that he will not abide by an unfavorable ruling and has already threatened to boycott the June 6 elections with the support of his followers. “Just tell us if they want elections or not,” he said.

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