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Salinas community reacts to shooting death of Salinas Police officer – KION546

SALINAS, Calif. (KION-TV)– In a somber press conference held by the Salinas Police Department, Police Chief Roberto Filice identified the officer killed in the line of duty late Friday night.

30-year-old Salinas Police Officer Jorge David Alvarado Jr. was attempting a traffic stop on a vehicle on Griffin and East Market Street in Salinas around 10:41 pm Friday when shots were fired.

Officer Alvarado was shot and ultimately died from injuries sustained in the shooting.

A suspect was arrested and taken to county jail after Alvarado’s actions, according to police.

“The officer stayed in the fight all the way until the end. Ultimately he paid the price for it. He gave his life for it,” Salinas Police Chief Roberto Filice said. “But thanks to his actions we were able to apprehend the suspect and we currently have him in custody.”

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Alvarado transferred to Salinas Police from the Colma Police Department back in 2020. He was an officer with Colma PD for four years prior to his transfer.

Colma PD Chief John Munsey issued a statement regarding the news of Alvarado’s death that reads “Jorge was an amazing peace officer with a passion for his community. He was a proud member of the Colma Police Department for four years before lateralling to Salinas. He will forever be in our hearts, as his compassion and dedication will continue to live on.”

KION has also learned from Alvarado’s family members that a brother of his was also a member of the Salinas Police Department when he transferred over from Colma.

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“The department has lost a son but the community lost a hero,” Filice said.

According to Salinas Mayor Kimbley Craig, an officer dying in the line of duty has not happened in Salinas in nearly 80 years.

Community members visited the police station Saturday afternoon to lay flowers and messages of support to Salinas PD and family of Officer Alvarado.

“I’m sorry for your loss,” said Joseph Parga. “This should have never happened.

Help is also coming from other agencies as the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office announced they’ll be stepping in to help Salinas PD answer 9-1-1 calls.

“At the end of the day they’re just doing their job,” Parga said. “They want to go home at night and see their family and kiss them good night or good morning.”

The Monterey County District Attorney’s Office said they are the lead investigators, as is protocol with all officer-involved shootings.

There will be no further details given as the investigation is ongoing.

This includes information on a suspect and whether they would be held at a Monterey County jail or a jail outside of the county.

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