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Salty wild asparagus cake

Wild asparagus is a seasonal product -although we find them almost at all times, brought from the farthest reaches of the world- that has it all: versatile, tasty and healthy, and it also admits a multitude of highly varied elaborations. The formula that concerns us could not be easier: a sheet of puff pastry that we cover with wild asparagus precooked in the microwave – of which you know that we are great apostles and apostles – united with a minimum concoction of egg and cream, just enough to fill the holes between the asparagus and add even more flavor.

The preparation will take 10 minutes and the cooking will take a little over half an hour, but during this part you do not have to be watching the oven as if it were television: what will come out of it looks like a fancy recipe. The wild asparagus are precooked in the microwave because it is possible that the cooking time of the cake in the oven is not enough to make them very tender, and that is how we make sure.

Luckily today we have decent industrial puff pastries that get us out of a lot of trouble: it’s about looking for brands that already offer them with butter instead of other fats. The flavor is clearly better and they save us a lot of work, or better yet, they allow us to prepare things that we would not otherwise do, because few dare to prepare their own homemade puff pastry. This cake also admits the use of a commercial shortcrust pastry or a good homemade shortcrust dough; I like to make it whole, which makes this cake a little healthier.


I think little.


For a cake measuring 24 x 35 cm, approximately

  • 1 rectangular puff pastry sheet (better butter)
  • 1 bunch of fat wild asparagus or 2 bunches of thin asparagus
  • 1 good jet of virgin olive oil
  • 1 egg
  • 40 ml of liquid cream
  • Salt to taste


  1. Cut off the woody end of the asparagus and discard it. Wash them to remove the dirt.

  2. Dry a little and cut in half lengthwise if they are thick; if they are finite, leave them as is.

  3. Put them in a microwave-safe container, sprinkle them with a good drizzle of olive oil and stir so that they are all impregnated.

  4. Cook in the microwave at maximum power 3-4 minutes (it depends on the microwave power, you have to check how they go), until they are almost tender and more or less flexible.

  5. Put the puff pastry sheet on a baking sheet and fold the edge in around it, making a two or three centimeter hem. Prick the entire surface of the dough with a fork, except the edge, so that it does not rise when cooking.

  6. Place the asparagus in a single layer, if the asparagus are large with the cut side down, and trying to stick well and not see the dough.

  7. Mix the egg with the liquid cream in a bowl and paint the edge of the dough. Pour the leftover mixture over the asparagus and lightly shake the pan to penetrate between them.

  8. Salt the whole and put the cake in the oven previously heated to 200 ° C with heat up and down, on the lowest level; the puff pastry must receive a good heat stroke at the base so that it is very crispy, it seals immediately and does not get wet with the filling.

  9. Cook the cake for 30-40 minutes, until the puff pastry is golden brown and the cake is cooked through the center. Enjoy your meal.

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