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Samantha Hudson: “It amuses me to deal with so many idiots, I feel like a philanthropist”

Born in Magaluf, who was quite a Christian when she was 12 years old, she ended up excommunicated for a song and being the scourge of the Church. And so many other things



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Samantha Hudson. Born in Magaluf, she already warned us as a teenager what was coming. Who was quite a Christian at the age of 12 ended up excommunicated for a song and being the scourge of the Church. And of so many other things. Because she, to the world, has come to transgress. and with his tour total liquidation intends to continue doing so in Barcelona, ​​Seville, Zaragoza and Madrid.

I’m going to ask you for a definition of Samantha Hudson being Samantha Hudson
An almost girl and almost normal, lewd, heretic, with a nose that steps on it, scoundrel, the queen of the underworld, the empress of filth, Ana Torroja if Mecano had never happened, Cameron Diaz’s stunt double , but above all a very cool ta.
And born in Magaluf, what could go wrong?
I guess I could have died throwing myself off a balcony. Because when I was 18 years old, since I’m a bitch, I threw myself out and was hospitalized for seven days. That changed my life, but I was exporting the culture of my land.
Without pretending to be a revolutionary, in the end you are a revolution.
I don’t think so, if anything I am a reformist because a revolution implies overthrowing the entire established order to rebuild on that rubble. Samantha Hudson is dissident because she itches, bothers and stings. I am not an ordinary ta but I am assimilated by the rules of capitalism.
Well, someone who calls himself a Marxist and anti-capitalist must be wearing it regularly.
I live overwhelmed, it’s easier to be radical when you don’t participate in it. When you enter the world of brands and realize that to continue climbing you have to assimilate contradictions, it’s hard. Although I reject many proposals because they do not work with my ethics, I have had some slips. It makes me angry not to have a 100% neat speech, but that demand is only made to women, people of color or LGTBI.
His latest project is called total liquidationWhat could we liquidate from this world?
To Vox, to the State Security Corps and to myself. I should make a list, but I think there are three good options.
In another of her songs she says that she is tired of pagans. So many lies?
I must say that it amuses me to deal with so many idiots, I feel like a philanthropist, it is a very complicated task to be such a fool. And as I have always been a great mediator… It overwhelms me and tires me to have to put up with so many Kafre, but it also enriches me.
You were born with the need to transgress, right?
No need, I would need to live in peace, but because I have a character that does not fit into the established normality, I cannot fulfill my fantasies and they say that I am a postmodern monstrosity. It is society that needs to be transgressed.
But if he always says he wants to be a note all his life
And I’m on the right track, but I don’t decide that, they are labels that society imposes on you. I have always been a note, but you should pay attention to the crowd and why there are a large number of people who act the same and have the same aesthetic. For example, the problem with homosexuality is that heterosexuality is an institution. Just like non-binary people or trans people. The focus is always on the histrinic and never on the rest.

I’m the Norma Duval on the left, a gourmet black label national product

How do you explain concepts like non-binary to the world?
I do not think it is that complicated. If you know how cryptocurrencies or morphosyntax work, you can learn what a non-binary person is. We are always with that it is complicated, it is also complicated for these people to exist and give explanations. I don’t think it’s a great feat to learn some pronouns. If you know how to divide or do equations, but you don’t know how to treat Samantha Hudson in a feminine way, you are a scoundrel.
Almost everything in her career has revolved around religion, to see if she is going to be the most devout and is deceiving us.
From the age of 10 to 12 I was quite a Christian. In truth, she was just a sad, sad little girl who needed someone to love her, and since Jesus Christ is supposed to be there for everyone, I grabbed onto him. Then it happened to me. Religion has always been in our lives, it is our heritage. And with my heritage I do what I want
In his case it did explode.
I would like to know why if that song was a plea for reconciliation between the Catholic Church and homosexuals.
Man, I don’t know if reconciliation plea is too much to say.
They were left with ordinary verbiage and could not see beyond their nose. Paradoxically they confirmed what I denounced. So once again Samantha was right and she came out on top because they did a marketing campaign for me that cost me zero euros. If they hadn’t said anything, I’d be eating my nose right now.

At home, what do they tell you when you go into those gardens?
My family had hoped that this histrionic attitude was a consequence of puberty, but they have already made up their minds that they are going to bury me like this, with a clown’s nose. They tell me to be careful, but having already survived a public scorn from the reactionary sector and from 27,000 energetic people who collected signatures to kick me out of the institute, I already had a good drill.
It seems that only the conservative sectors would bother them, some on the left are not very fond of him either.
You can have an economic thought, in the distribution of leftist wealth, but disagree on the social. You can even be on the left and commune with the right. There are assholes, intolerant people, infamous and with very little shame in all ideologies.
Does he suffer for Spain as he sings in one of his songs?
I suffer for everything, life is a penance. And for Spain I guess too. I suffer for the people who are going to experience inflation, the rise in electricity and fuel… I suffer for the people who are always at the bottom of the pipe.
Should we claim more the right to ridicule?
People can be whatever they want, you don’t have to have ambitions or fit into the meritocratic right of success. I don’t even advocate working. That that work dignifies is a lie, work is rubbish. And the salaryman even more so. I will always support people without aspirations and without talent, that people can be stupid and mediocre in a society where the most valuable thing is productivity and consumption.
Be careful, Samantha, we are out of the theses of Marxism.
I speak of society and claim that you don’t have to do anything right in life. Why do you deserve less respect if you are a simpleton? You don’t have to find your vocation, mine is to be comfortable.
Are you our Miley Cyrus?
I think I’m the Norma Duval of the left. And she could be your Paris Hilton, dumb blonde, flirty fashionist and smarter than people think. But if it’s something, I’m yours, Samantha Hudson, and I’ll advocate for them to have theirs in the United States. I am a gourmet black label national product.

The claim that work dignifies is a lie, work is rubbish

Now that we are in summer, has love died?
Love was never in fashion, that was a marketing campaign that someone insisted on spreading. Romantic love has always been an absurd epidemic that we have had to suffer.
And the genres?
Ah, we are on the right track, we are in the process of siege with a good battering ram and a good strategy. But I think that fortress still has a long way to go until we invade the castle and rise above the rubble.
What’s it like to go from being “the queer nobody listens to” to having Samantha Hudson’s speakerphone?
It’s comforting and exhausting because when you’re a dissident you are put in the eye of the hurricane with the sole interest of having a good excuse to be petty. I already know how networks work, political declarations, traditional media, television… I still have things to learn, but I am willing to deal with it because it also has many good things and most people support my proposal. They don’t listen to me because I’m famous, they listen to me because they think I’m right.
Your horoscope sign says that you are conventional, patient, methodical… Are you sure you are a virgo?
Don’t you see me as conventional, patient and methodical? I’ve been more sick than patient, really. Methodical? I have a very concrete structure in my head, being so spontaneous is a very premeditated decision, even the most absurd and ridiculous thing I have thought at least 400 times before saying it. And conventional in the end I think I am because I am authentic, nice and I try to change things for the better.
His sign is earth, what earth are we leaving to those who come after?
A barren, infertile, infected, disgusting and disgusting land.

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