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Samsung Knox Suite: the solution for business on the go

samsung knox suite
By Isabel López, head of B2B solutions and services at Samsung Spain
By Isabel López, head of B2B solutions and services at Samsung Spain

Many organizations are betting on mobile strategies in their digitization; in order to achieve greater productivity and a better experience for their customers. The success of this strategy is possible with a platform that offers the highest level of security and reliability, through a simple interface that allows deploying, managing and obtaining useful information on a large fleet of devices efficiently.

At Samsung we solve this challenge with Samsung Knox Suite, an all-in-one solution to solve the most complex mobility requirements. With solutions like Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME), Knox Manage, Knox Enterprise Firmware-Over-the-Air (E-FOTA), and most recently Knox Asset Intelligence, we offer customers all the facilities they need to deploy, manage and analyze your fleet of devices.

Knox Mobile Enrollment that allows the massive and remote deployment of a company’s fleet of terminals, with an automatic and mandatory registration in the MDM. When an IT administrator sets up a device through the service, the user of the device only needs to turn on the device and connect it. The terminal will be registered to your MDM during the initial setup process. On the other hand, Knox Manage offers cross-platform management of Samsung, Android, iOS and Windows 10 terminals to apply security and management policies to employee terminals, and thus remotely control the organization’s equipment. In the same way, Knox E-FOTA allows the administrator to install the desired version of the Operating System, ensure compatibility with internal applications and configure when and under what conditions the approved version of the Operating System will be installed.

Knox Suite provides an end-to-end solution to make it easy for administrators to manage

The reality is that we continue to develop these capabilities, and all of our innovations are added to the Knox Suite. An example of this is Knox Asset Intelligence, a service that provides visibility into the health of mobile devices, with real-time reports on device health and battery life; to app stability, connectivity, and location tracking. This knowledge helps companies make decisions to improve device productivity, utilization, and maintenance.

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With Knox Suite, our clients take advantage of the benefits of being part of our ecosystem, because these tools will allow them to manage the investment they make in the future in other products and services. Knox Suite provides an end-to-end solution to make it easy for administrators to manage, without having to distinguish between the features of one solution versus another, from a single portal and with a single license.

Technology needs and the rest of the business should never be dissociated. The collaboration between the two requires a platform that empowers everyone in the company. Knox Suite answers that need, supporting the entire enterprise mobility journey and consolidating everything a business needs in its digitization journey.

By Isabel Lopez, Head of B2B solutions and services at Samsung Spain

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