Thursday, October 21

Samuel’s father: “They took away the light that illuminated our lives”

Tribute in A Coruña to Samuel Luiz in the place where he received a fatal beating.

Tribute in A Coruña to Samuel Luiz in the place where he received a fatal beating.

In the place where the young Samuel Luiz Muñiz was brutally attacked early Saturday morning, at the confluence of the promenade with Avenida de Buenos Aires, among colored flowers, a message stuck on the ground where you can read that the father of the deceased thanks the “excellent work of the 061 teams” and also the city of A Coruña the expressions of affection received, and ends with a “No to violence.” Friends and acquaintances of the young man traveled to the area to place candles and flowers in his memory..

The full text is the following: “Hello, I am the Samuel’s fatherFirst of all, I want to thank the 061 teams for their excellent work for all the effort made regarding the prompt care of our son. They took away the only light that illuminated our life. We know that we are going to have a very long way to go. We will be supported by our family, friends and colleagues who will help us get out of this dark path. We appreciate all your prayers and expressions of affection. Thank our wonderful city, A Coruña. Thanks from my heart. May God reward all the love you are giving us. A big hug to all of you and we hope that another day as black as the one we are experiencing will never happen again. No to violence ”.

Samuel’s father’s message, stuck to the ground where he was fatally beaten. CARLOS PARDELLAS

The dad of the young man wanted to express with this gesture his gratitude to the health workers and also to the people who, during these difficult days, have supported the family. Samuel, what was buried this Sunday afternoon in the Pastoriza cemetery, since he was a neighbor of Meicende, work in Father Rubinos. According to the first investigations, it was about seven people who gave him a beating which caused severe blows to the head. Finally, and despite the fact that the paramedics tried to revive him for two hours, the young man Samuel passed away.

The mayor, Ines Rey, and the subdelegate of the Government, María Rivas, will meet this Monday at 11 a.m., to analyze this tragic event and, at 12.00 hours, will participate in a concentration, in the Plaza de María Pita, to condemn this crime. The Association for Affective and Sexual Freedom A Coruña (ALAS) has called another concentration, also for this Monday, at 20.00 hours, in the same place and for the same reasons. Those affected by the expansion of the hospital and the health workers who demonstrated on Sunday from A Palloza to María Pita wanted to show their rejection of this attack and did so by keeping a minute of silence before reading the manifesto they had written to close their protest

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