Monday, October 25

San Vicente alleges lack of personnel to justify more than 1,000 minor contracts

These are regulated by the Public Sector Contract Law to prevent their use from becoming an abuse. Generally speaking, it means contracting works directly without having other offers when it comes to values ​​of less than 40,000 euros and services with a cost of less than 15,000 euros in supplies and services. And the municipal group Ciudadanos presented to the June plenary session a proposal with the aim of expanding transparency and increasing the possibility that companies from San Vicente can access these direct contracts that obtained the support of all groups, PP, Vox, Podemos and Compromís , and the vote against the government team, PSOE-EU, which refers to the lack of personnel.

The Socialist Councilor for Contracting, Guillermo García, explains that Cs’s proposal “is interesting” but alleges that the lack of personnel that the City Council currently has makes it impossible to support it. “Given the accumulation of work that we have in the area and the councils that have to manage the remainder and ordinary contracts, we cannot vote in favor of this motion.”

For his part, the mayor of the Treasury, from the US, Alberto Beviá, indicated that the evolution of minor contracts has improved over the years. In 2019, the first internal audit report was made indicating that San Vicente carried out a total of 2,017 contracts in 2018, compared to 1,086 a year later; and the investment was 2.6 million compared to 2.4 in 2019. “Almost a thousand fewer contracts, which means that the recommendations of the Intervention have been met.”

From Cs they recognize that the taste is bittersweet, since they have obtained the support of the majority of groups, but there is no commitment from the government team. “We do not understand that the government team votes against carrying out measures that are included in the report of the municipal intervention. Nor do we understand that the PSOE votes against, claiming that it does not have staff because that denotes that they are not going to carry out certain recommendations of the municipal intervention report, which are still the most important, ”Torregrosa emphasizes.

The training recalls that the first three years of the previous government team required 3 budgets from contracts of 400 euros. Something that stopped being done and that she herself considered excessive. But now he believes that more transparency and opportunities should be given to the suppliers of the minor contracts awarded by the City Council. “The objective is that a greater number of companies, mainly SMEs, can benefit from these direct contracts and that the City Council obtain more advantageous prices,” he explains.

The 1,086 contracts made during 2019 are a significant amount both for their number and for the overall economic amount they represent, and Cs warns that the purpose of many of them “is repetitive year after year.”


For training, the need to permanently review the regulation and the use made of minor contracts is evident in order to improve efficiency in management and contracting.

They propose that each council carry out an analysis and assessment of the different services and supplies that are repeatedly provided through minor contracts and that, due to their characteristics, may be subject to bidding through an open procedure. The final objective is that, in coordination with the Contracting area, a calendar is established for the progressive bidding of such minor contracts.

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