Thursday, November 26

San Vicente and Sant Joan sign an agreement with the Generalitat to expand the public housing stock

San Vicente signs an agreement with the Generalitat to expand the public housing stock

San Vicente signs an agreement with the Generalitat to expand the public housing stock

The second vice president and counselor of Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture, Rubén Martínez Dalmau (Podemos), and the mayors of San Vicente del Raspeig, Jesús Villar (PSOE), and Sant Joan d’Alacant, Jaime Albero (PSOE), have signed today two covenants on the transfer of the right of first refusal and withdrawal to the consistories so that they can acquire homes in their municipalities for social rent.

These are the first two city councils in the Community to sign the agreement and the objective is to expand the public housing stock in the municipalities within the framework of the Habitat 20-30 Plan. “We have come to l’Alacantí because this is a Council that looks to the south”, declared Martínez Dalmau, who assured that “today is a historic day” because they are the first agreements of delegation of powers of trial that are signed.

In this way, “a very important tool is launched to get houses for the people and, houses that are usually sold at very affordable prices, if we do not intercede in the sale and purchase and pay the seller the same price as they were to give a vulture background or a financial institution, these homes would end up in the hands of vulture funds. ”

Sant Joan signs an agreement to expand the public housing stock

In the same way, he thanked “the sensitivity” of these two consistories to the need for housing in their municipalities and that “they have understood the importance of applying the decree of extension of the public park, which shows that with these corporations we have the best allies of the Consell’s policies so that people can live better. “Likewise, Dalmau has announced that there are already many other municipalities interested in participating in this scoring network.

These agreements are the result of Decree Law 6/2020, of June 5, of the Consell, for the expansion of public housing in the Valencian Community through the rights of first refusal and withdrawal. With it, the Generalitat can assign preferential acquisition rights to the municipality where the dwelling object of trial or retraction is located, something that may be exercised directly or through a public entity to which it delegates the housing powers.

Martínez Dalmau has assured that with this transfer of the right two purposes are sought. “On the one hand, expand the public housing stock through a municipal network to make them available to citizens.” On the other hand, “we achieve greater proximity and efficiency in the services provided in the area of ​​housing since the municipalities are the closest administration and to which people go first when they have a problem”.

Streamline procedures

It must be taken into account that with this mechanism the procedures related to the adjudication of real estate are streamlined. As the municipal social services are in charge of making the reports of the families that need a house urgently, the city council can act directly offering an immediate alternative to these people.

The transfer of these rights is formalized by signing this agreement that determines the conditions of the transfer, the destination of the properties and the award criteria. However, if the City Council decides not to exercise the trial and withdrawal, the Department could do so in a subsidiary manner.

The vice president has highlighted that the houses acquired by the municipalities “will be classified as official protection on a permanent basis, so they will be incorporated into the municipal public park and will be used for social rent to people, families or groups with limited social resources or in a situation vulnerability “.

In the case of Sant Joan, where the Generalitat does not have public housing, the trial and error “can be a very useful instrument to respond to the housing need of the municipality”, according to the vice president who, in both visits, He has been accompanied by the general director of Housing and Urban Regeneration, Elena Azcárraga.

The agreements will be valid for one year, with the possibility of being extended. A mixed commission will supervise and control their compliance.

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