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San Vicente closes 2020 with the hiring of 80 unemployed to reinforce municipal services

San Vicente closes 2020 with the hiring of 80 unemployed to reinforce municipal services

San Vicente closes 2020 with the hiring of 80 unemployed to reinforce municipal services

The San Vicente City Council has closed 2020 with the hiring of a total of 80 people, with the double objective to combat unemployment of most vulnerable social groups in the labor market and strengthen municipal services to the citizens. The Councilor for Employment and Local Development, Alberto Beviá, from Esquerra Unida, explained that the social and economic context in which we find ourselves makes it more necessary than ever to carry out this type of action aimed at combating unemployment among the most social groups. vulnerable, including young people, women and the unemployed over 45.

The contracts have been formalized through different programs subsidized by LABORA with more than one million euros. These are the Employment Workshop (37 people), Et Formen (13), Avalem Experience Ecovid (17), EMCORP 2020 (8) and EMCUJU 2018 (5). The Employment area highlights the difficulties in 2020 to formalize these hires. The pandemic has delayed an already complex process that has required a great effort from the municipal Employment and Local Development service and the Human Resources area. The councilor has called on the regional administration for greater “speed” when it comes to resolving employment programs, since “they are granted with very little time margin so that local administrations can give them a course in a timely manner.”

In fact, the City Council has had to renounce the Avalem Jove EMPUJU program due to not being able to meet the short administrative deadlines to carry out the laborious and dense selection and hiring process, according to the EU in a statement.

One of the novelties of these employment programs has been the hiring of 17 unemployed people of at least 30 years to develop actions specifically aimed at prevent, contain, mitigate or mitigate the effects of pandemic in different municipal services. One of the requirements to select these personnel is that they had lost their previous job and were registered as jobseekers in the Espais Labora de la Generalitat as of the declaration of the state of alarm for the management of the health crisis situation caused by the Covid-19. These contracts have been possible thanks to the ‘Ecovid 2020’ program, financed by the European Social Fund and convened by the Department of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Labor.

Beviá welcomed the new workers to the City Council and recalled that these hiring, in addition to removing these people from unemployment, gives them the opportunity to train in a profession so that, once their contract with the City Council is concluded, they have a qualification that allows them to enter the labor market more easily.

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