Wednesday, September 22

San Vicente del Raspeig plans its Water Center with an indoor pool in 2022

The deputy of Infrastructure and the mayor in the new building with access to the swimming pools, under the gaze of the municipal architect.

The deputy of Infrastructure and the mayor in the new building with access to the swimming pools, under the gaze of the municipal architect.

San Vicente del Raspeig will have his Water Center in the summer of 2022, it will be the sports complex that It will mean the union of the covered pool with the summer pool, which will also be covered. This has been assured by the mayor, Jesus Villar, During the visit to the first phase of the works, which consisted of the construction of a building on the ground floor that becomes the access to the water complex and also has different rooms for the practice of sports related to the swimming; changing rooms and showers and a gym area with a machine room, among other facilities. The first mayor visited the performance yesterday together with the deputy for Infrastructure and assistance to municipalities, Javier Gutiérrez, since the Provincial Council of Alicante it has covered 45% of the cost of the work, which amounts to 930,107 euros. Municipal and provincial technicians and three of the Citizens councilors attended.

The new facilities will now go to the Sports Department, whose councilor, Guillermo García, was not present yesterday at the reception of the works, and will be put into use, taking into account the current protocols for the coronavirus. The City Council anticipates that the new gym room will be used by the Adesavi Triathlon clubs and the San Vicente Swimming club. Aquatic facilities are in high demand and had already been saturated by the high number of requests. In the second phase, it is planned to cover the summer swimming pool and the current indoor swimming pool, dating from the eighties of the last century, will be modernized and adapted. The second part of these works is in the initial project phase. The mayor is optimistic about the execution deadlines and anticipates that the Water Center will be completed in the summer of 2022, since he relies on the municipal own funds that will be possible to use next year to speed up construction projects.

With the reception of the works of the first phase, the mayor admitted his satisfaction for some facilities that will serve sports. «They were demanded facilities that have been achieved thanks to the collaboration with the Provincial Council. The accesses to the swimming pools have been unified, new changing rooms have been set up and a dry work area has been created, especially with swimmers in mind ”. Villar also thanked those responsible for the Urban Planning area for the great work done and said that “it is the first step that is taken for the future Water Center.”

The Deputy for Infrastructures praised the “well-planned work” and highlighted “the collaborative work of the Alicante Provincial Council with the town councils of the province for the benefit of citizens.” Javier Gutiérrez has also visited other municipal buildings where rehabilitation works and improvement of accessibility will be carried out thanks to Plan Plan 2020-2023 of the Provincial Council.

With the help of the institution, action will be taken in the García Antón park car park, which will also involve a remodeling of Velázquez street, the municipal conservatory, a reform in the auditorium with the change of seats and the adaptation of the Casal de la Festa. A performance has also been planned in the El Tubo neighborhood. In total, an investment totaling 2.2 million euros, of which the council contributes around 900,000 euros.

The deputy stressed that this Provincial Plan has 100 million euros for the entire province.

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