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San Vicente paints a pedestrian crossing of more than 20 meters and causes controversy and “memes”

The newly painted

The newly painted “kilometer” zebra crossing on Pelayo Street, which is being remodeled and redeveloped. | RAFA ARJONES

«Saint Vincent is going to Guinness Book of Records for its pedestrian crossing on Pelayo Street »; “A kilometer-long zebra crossing” or “a crossing of many zebras” are some of the comments generated by the pedestrian crossing painted on the Pelayo street, corner with Villafranqueza street. Many residents say they prefer that San Vicente is known for a giant Nativity scene, remembering that of Alicante, than for an endless zebra crossing.

The freshly painted step exceeds the 20 meters wide and he has blown up the humorous comments and the “memes” of many residents of San Vicente on social networks, most of them without giving credit to white stripes that seem endless and that go out of what is usually a zebra crossing.

At street level, for the neighbors who live in the area, “It’s a bit exaggerated.” Some believe it is because “they had to spare paint and they have used it up here.” And others joke that it is a good athletic training track their street has become.

One of the merchants who does not believe the enormity of stripes painted in front of his establishment demands that the works be completed as soon as possible, although he regrets “the Christmas campaign we have already kicked out.” It considers that “mistakes” have been made in the execution of the redevelopment of the street, which exceeds 300,000 euros and he does not understand the reason for such a long zebra crossing.

The works on Pelayo Street are already gathering controversy, since a few weeks ago the sidewalk had to be redone to eliminate the high unevenness with the accesses to houses and shops.

Another of the traders warns of the danger that such a long step will pose for cyclists and motorcyclists, since the paint is usually slippery when it rains. “You’ll see the number of motorists who are going to fall as soon as they hit the brake in this crosswalk,” he laments. In fact, many of the commenters believe that one of the problems with this long step is that it will be dangerous for two-wheelers.

A resident of the street who does not see it with bad eyes, says that the area has a large part of the elderly population and the passage can be beneficial for them, since she believes that vehicles will slow down. “It’s an exaggerated step, but I hope it’s for the better,” he says, “around here the cars go very fast, I’m sorry for the drivers, but there are a lot of older people here.”

The loss of parking is of more concern to a large part of the residents, who have seen their ability to park diminish with the reform of the street. “I was a bit shocked to see so many stripes. I thought they had built the pedestrian street, ”explains an older woman who lives on the street. “The cars will have to go at 5 an hour,” he mused, “I have never seen such a big and excessive step.”

Aware of the controversy generated, the Councilor for Recruitment, Jesús Arenas, came out yesterday in the face of criticism, explaining that the step has been made completely conscientiously to mark the priority of pedestrians over vehicles. Indicates that the street has become a single platform and a shoulder has been left for vehicles to slow down as they pass.

“It is especially suitable for multi-directional pedestrian traffic areas such as this intersection. This is one more action that is added to the actions of the council to make San Vicente a more pedestrian-friendly city, a line in which we will continue working, “he concludes.

Another similar one painted on Manuel de Falla street a week ago

The zebra crossing on Calle Pelayo, unusual for its length, at more than 20 meters, is not the only one in San Vicente. A week ago the City Council painted another similar one, also taking advantage of the remodeling of Manuel de Falla Street. The Councilor for Contracting, Jesús Arenas, affirms that it is not an unusual intervention and refers to Benidorm, where there are also them.

The controversy has not stopped growing since the zebra crossing was painted. Other Spanish municipalities have already been protagonists in similar steps. The one in Cangas de Morrazo in Galicia is considered the longest in the country, since it is around 40 meters wide. And of course, not without jokes too.

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