Sunday, December 5

San Vicente receives the go-ahead to create “the golden mile” in front of the University

Urbanism has received this week the scope document with the mandatory environmental statement prior to starting the urban processing of modification of the General Urban Planning Plan (PGOU). A procedure that has lasted a year.

From the area they indicate that they will begin to draft the specific modification 37, leaving behind the Torregroses industrial estate and making a progressive replacement of current industrial uses to the creation of residential land, with a tertiary nature in which hotels and medium-sized businesses can also be accommodated. surfaces.

The transformation is already visible since the disappearance of Jamones Pelegrín, whose demolition began in June 2020, has given rise to a new supermarket of the Mercadona chain. The 13,000-square-meter site houses this commercial space compatible with current land uses in the area, and awaits the approval of the modification to be able to start the construction of houses.

Currently the industrial estate is an area of ​​workshops, concessionaires and small industries. And a new university residence is already being built there, in front of the one inside the Campus.

The modification aims at the urban development of the environment and for this Urbanism has to prepare the documentation that allows and gives the green light to the new uses. To do this, he must present to the plenary session the urban modification document of the General Plan, with the technical and legal approval, and this for public display for 45 days. After that step, the proposals and allegations have to be resolved and reports requested if necessary; then resubmit it to plenary for provisional approval; and the approval agreement is finally approved by the Generalitat. By affecting the structural management of San Vicente, it is mandatory to report favorably from the higher level. A process whose end that Urbanism does not dare to date.

Strategic transformation

The mayor and mayor of Urbanism, Jesús Villar, explains that it is about a «strategic project» for Saint Vincent, and which is the city model that is already proposed in the drafting of the structural plan (old General Plan) that is envisaged for the municipality.

And the place where the transformation is clearly being noticed is in Peru Street, where a supermarket has just opened. Very close a chain of restaurants has already announced its intention to settle.

The area is already a pole of attraction with two other medium-sized surfaces, a Dumbo supermarket and a Lidl that is currently renovating its car park to expand it. And right in front they settle new businesses that take advantage of the “pull” of the public in the southeast access of San Vicente.

An area that has multiplied the volume of traffic

The mayor assures that measures will be studied if the situation is conflictive, and believes that for now it is not


The southern access to San Vicente from the highway and from Alicante avenue through Perú street is one of the two alternatives to access San Vicente del Raspeig since the tram was installed. With commercial development, the area has begun to multiply its traffic density and those who use it as an entrance to the municipality are joined by those who are going to buy from one of the medium-sized surfaces. The first mayor and councilor for Urbanism, Jesús Villar, admits that it is becoming a pole of attraction and in fact, there are stores in the center that have decided to set up shop on this four-lane avenue. The mayor explains that at the moment it is not a problem of collapses. And he warns that the council will be attentive to take action in case they become problematic. Something that the group Cs has already claimed in full. Villar believes that the planned change in direction of traffic on Velázquez and Pintor Picasso streets may be one of the solutions for quicker access to the center. In turn, the mayor of Urbanism is happy to have the environmental declaration to be able to officially start the procedures for the urban development of the Torregroses area. Something that explains, will be gradual and highlights, a bet for the future for San Vicente.

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