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Sánchez and Iglesias accuse the PP of transfuguismo and of buying votes | Spain

“Mr. Casado, I see that we are in the campaign, the Wednesday rally.” The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has thus begun his answer to the question, in theory about his assessment of one year of the pandemic, that the opposition leader, Pablo Casado, had asked him in the control session of Congress. The issue, obviously, became a chain of reproaches for “the arrogance, incompetence and instability” that Casado attributed to Sánchez and which led to a harsh crossing of accusations about “the game of thrones” in which, according to the leader of the PP , Spanish politics seems to have become since the motion of censure in Murcia failed last week. Sánchez, and later Vice President Pablo Iglesias, attacked the PP for its “bad arts”, “transfuguismo” and “vote buying.”

The leader of the PP changed the script of his generic question about the virus to attack the Executive “due to the political instability” that he observed in the country and due to the general mismanagement that he attributed to the Government. “The country is getting out of hand,” Casado said to Sánchez and accused the PSOE of using the institutions as “a game of thrones” and described them as “sorcerer’s apprentices” to conspire and change the governments of regions such as Murcia, Madrid and Castilla y León while in Spain “hunger queues” proliferate or 100,000 deaths from the pandemic accumulate and 100,000 companies closed due to the economic crisis caused by the virus. Although the question was for the president, the popular leader took advantage to denounce what he considers a poor legacy of Vice President Iglesias: “Return to Vallecas in an official car.” Casado was the first of the numerous national political leaders who mentioned the date of May 4, the electoral call in Madrid, to predict that that day will be “the first stage of the union of the center-right in Spain” around a PP that intends represent the calm country away from populism: “4-M will win freedom in Madrid.”

President Sánchez was forewarned about the foreseeable real content of the questions that Casado would like to raise and did not ignore the dialectical crossroads of the campaign in his response: “You represent continuity in the bad arts, lack of respect, transfuguism and corruption, you represent the shift to the extreme right. Do not change headquarters, save yourself the move, they represent the worst of the PP “.

“Go to the doctor!”

The pre-electoral climate before the 4-M was appreciated, immediately afterwards, when the leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, asked the president if the Government has already contemplated a plan to address the mental health of Spaniards as a result of the pandemic. There was laughter from the benches on the right in the hemicycle. Once he finished his speech, the deputy Carmelo Romero, representative of the PP of Huelva, yelled at him: “Go to the doctor!” The situation bothered Errejón, who was widely applauded from the armchairs of the parties on the left. Shortly after, the PP deputy apologized for his behavior. “It was an unfortunate phrase,” he wrote on his Twitter profile. Errejón, whose party in Madrid has refused to appear in a coalition with United We Can and Pablo Iglesias, said that it might seem that these convulsive days required more topical questions, “but not of greater importance.” The president thanked this “empathy.” But the real debate in Congress was with the 4-M. It was immediately taken up by the spokesperson of the PP, Cuca Gamarra, with a tone and style already totally removed from moderation and similar to that of her questioned predecessor, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, as the first vice president, Carmen Calvo, reproached her. Gamarra again resorted to the simile of national politics with the series Game of Thrones, spoke of the conspiracies, the armchair fights, the “betrayal of what was agreed upon at the blow of the office”, which was how he labeled “the sloppy motion and the shoddy conspiracy” that was tried last week in Murcia and that is this Wednesday in full debate.

The “simplistic” tone that Calvo ugly to Gamarra was the same that Teodoro García Egea, general secretary of the PP, used in his question to the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, when, apparently, he was interested in the balance of his management during these 14 months in government. Egea first went to President Sánchez to deny that what happened in Murcia could be branded as transfuguismo, something that, in his opinion, “all of Spain calls it dignity”. The number two The PP was ironic to lament how little Iglesias had lasted in the vice presidency of the Government: “If what he wanted was to go to the opposition, he could not choose a better candidacy, Madrid.”

It was not foreseeable that Vice President Iglesias, who is considered a great agitator, would contemplate leaving one more reply there, without direct confrontation. And it didn’t happen. The leader of United We can directly accused the PP of “buying Citizens’ deputies” and attacked Egea: “I wonder if the money has been put in by you or some builder has given it to you.” The popular deputy spoke then of “dignity” and “principles” and hit Iglesias with his disputes and those of his party in the courts and predicted: “On 5-M you will only have to sit around the Assembly from Madrid”.

Iglesias ended the session and this first day of the Madrid electoral pre-campaign in Congress with a memory and tribute to the communists who fought to bring democracy back to Spain now that the popular have resorted to the slogan “communism or freedom” to further polarize plus the debates and the election in the Community of Madrid: “They speak of communism or freedom and in Spain the communists risked their lives and freedom to bring democracy while the PP was mounted by nine ministers of the dictatorship. You do not reach the sole of the shoe of the Spanish communists, “he concluded.

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