Friday, July 30

Sánchez and Macron pay tribute to Spanish exile by resuming bilateral summits

Sánchez and Macron honor the exiles in the Second Republic.

The Head of Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the French president, Emmanuel Macron, will resume the bilateral summits this Monday in Montauban after four years without being held and they will pay in that gala town a tribute to the Spanish exile at the grave of the former president of the Second Republic, Manuel Azaña.

The two governments have wanted not to let more time pass and call this summit, number 26, even though it will not be able to develop with full normality due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It is common for these appointments to attend ministers forming part of the respective delegations, but due to the measures against covid-19 on this occasion they will not be physically in Montauban and will participate electronically.

Almost some thirty Spanish and French ministers will intervene remotely in the talks with their respective counterparts, and on the Spanish side, the three vice-presidents (Carmen Calvo, Nadia Calviño and Teresa Ribera) and eleven ministers, those of Foreign Affairs, Interior, Defense, Justice, Transport, Labor, Education, Universities, Industry, Agriculture, will finally do so. and Culture.

In principle, it was expected that the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, would also participate, but finally he will not, and, according to the official government agenda, he will intervene by videoconference in an informal meeting of the Council of Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumers.

Therefore, Only Sánchez and Macron will be in Montauban, who will sign an agreement to allow dual nationality.

This is the main agreement that is expected to be signed at the summit, and the Government gives it special relevance and stresses that it is the first of its kind to be signed with another European country.

According to data from the Executive, some 350,000 Spaniards residing in France and some 160,000 French living in Spain will be able to choose to have both nationalities, thus without having to give up the original one.

With this agreement it is intended highlight the special relationship between the two countries and the unique links created with the exile of thousands of Spaniards to France because of the Civil War and the dictatorship and that they started a new life there.

Vaccination passport

Sánchez and Macron will star in a specific act in tribute to all of them with a visit to the Montauban cemetery to the grave of Manuel Azaña, who died in that town 80 years ago.

At the summit meetings, in addition to analyzing the evolution of the pandemic, Sánchez, according to government sources, will insist on his defense of a European vaccination certificate, an initiative to which Macron is reluctant.

The closures of border posts in the Pyrenees carried out by Paris in recent months and which have not been well received by Spain.

The economic recovery after the pandemic, the agenda of the next European Council, electricity and rail interconnections, the fight against climate change, issues related to security and defense, the fight against terrorism and the situation in the Sahel will be other issues to be discussed. they will board at the summit.

An agreement will also be finalized to facilitate the mobility of students from both countries between universities and the commemoration in 2023 of the 50th anniversary of the death in France of the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso will be discussed.

Sánchez will close his day in France with a meeting with the president of the Occitania region, Carole Delga.

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