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Sánchez assures that there will never be a referendum, and Rufián humiliates him: “Give us time”




“There will be no referendum on self-determination.” The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, has tried to reduce public indignation over the granting of pardons to those convicted by the ‘procès’, assuring “that the PSOE will never, ever accept this type of derivative” and that it will not open the door to independence votes in Catalonia through the door of back, as predicted by the conservative opposition.

The socialist leader recalled that a self-determination referendum requires the support of three-fifths of Congress for the amendment of article 2 of the Constitution and its subsequent ratification by all Spaniards. In this explanation he has included that “never again” of the PSOE that his pro-independence partners have quickly questioned.

In a humiliating phrase for Sánchez, the ERC spokesperson, Gabriel RuffianHe has reminded him “that he also said that there would never be pardons” and has challenged him with the self-determination referendum: “give us time.” The spokesman for the PNV, Aitor Esteban, He has sent the same message to him: «Never say never again to anything. We’ll see how things progress ». And the spokesperson for EH Bildu, Mertxe Aizpurúa, has warned him that “it is up to him to comply and do what he said he would do”, demanding a new political status for both the Basque Country how to Catalonia. 

It has not been the only amendment to the totality that the president has received this Wednesday in Congress, where he appears to explain the pardons and the latest agreements of the European Council. In an increased tone, Rufián has once again doubted that the pardons are due to a desire to reunite with the head of the Government. “Is it politics or is it mathematics?” He questioned, alluding to the dependence on independence that the socialists have in Congress.

The socialist leader has ignored all these questions in his next round of intervention despite the fact that the Republican’s words are doubly significant because in the control session last Wednesday Rufián has already questioned Sánchez’s motivation in granting pardons and the Government showed its discomfort for this. After that, the spokesperson for ERC not only does he not loosen his speech but he reiterates the offense and does so the day after the meeting between the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, and Sánchez.

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Once the pardons have been granted, the independence movement knows that it has kidnapped Sánchez because Citizens, with which the PSOE it constituted an alternative majority during some extensions of the state of alarm, it has closed the door to it.

The head of government appears this Wednesday at the Congress to explain and defend the granting of pardons, which has again embedded in the need for harmony and dialogue, and the obligation of the Government to “restore social and political normality in Catalonia”.

Throughout his first two speeches, lasting two and a half hours altogether, and in which he has also addressed the latest meetings of the European council, Sánchez has not given any explanation for the breaking of his electoral promise of 2019, when he assured that the penalties of the procès would be fulfilled in full. During the minutes prior to the start of the plenary session, Sánchez was talking with the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo placeholder image, who seemed to give him explanations or directions.

Quarrel with the opposition

The speech of the head of the Government has also been the prelude to another and foreseeable clash with the opposition. The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, He has replied assuring that his word that he no longer has any credibility and has accused him of lying to the Spanish.

«Either you are a liar or you take us Spaniards for fools. Or both things. For any of them, a decent politician would resign, following the same scale of demand ”, he claimed, again asking for the convening of elections so that Spaniards could give their opinion on the pardons. “Only then can history pardon him,” he warned him.

In addition, he has announced that his party has appealed the pardons before the Supreme Court, has assured that with the measure of grace “nothing ends, everything begins” and has crossed out the dialogue table of “Insult to Spain”. Casado began his speech by warning the socialist leader that Spain “hurts” because of the destructive drift he has undertaken and has reminded him that the condemned were released from jail again threatening territorial integrity.

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Sánchez’s two flats

In this idea that Sánchez no longer has a word, the president of Vox has also influenced, Santiago Abascal, who has used his turn to speak to increase his pressure on the PP by demanding the presentation of a motion of censure. “Assume your responsibility,” has pressed Casado, asking him to open contacts with the rest of the parties to find out what support this initiative will have.

For Abascal there have never been so many reasons to try to evict Sánchez from La Moncloa since the pardons are an “act of political corruption” and a “stab in the back” to Felipe VI but also to the “brave” judges who participated in the process judicial to the coup plotters.

The president of Ciudadanos has again agreed on the idea of ​​the motion of censure, Ines Arrimadas, insisting that Married should take this step thinking, like Abascal, that the regionalist parties will have problems not supporting this initiative after the granting of pardons.

The orange leader has charged against the “two flats” of the head of the Government for defending the pardons with the “newspaper library” behind him and ensuring that they respond to the spirit of concord of the Transition when the two historical socialists who most participated in it, Felipe Gonzalez Y Alfonso Guerra, are against them.

In addition, he has accused the socialist leader of being “a bargain” for the independentistas whom he rewards, while humiliating the constitutionalists. In this sense, he has questioned that Sánchez speaks of harmony when he is dedicated to insulting the PP, VOX and Cs.

“There are no guarantees”

Previously, the socialist leader had argued that “the time for punishment is over” because justice is not enough to regain harmony. In this sense, he has defended “the pact” as the only possible way and has charged against the PP accusing the cabinet of Mariano Rajoy of delegating its political responsibility to the courts.

From the speakers’ rostrum, he reiterated that he understands “well” those citizens who have “objections” and “oppose” the release of the leaders of the `procès, and especially the Catalan population” who felt attacked by their own government »In 2017 and that« they are not sure that this situation will not be repeated in the future ». In fact, he himself has once again recognized that pardons are not a “guarantee” that concord will be achieved.

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But his promise to them has been limited to the fact that the Government “will continue to act at all times with the utmost firmness to guarantee coexistence.” A statement that comes just when the Executive is maneuvering and pressuring the Court of Accounts so that the independence leaders who embezzled public money to promote the so-called Catalan republic abroad do not have to face the fines.

He has told the independentistas that “realism must prevail” and that “it is not true to say that someone has been persecuted for their ideas.” Rufián He has also ignored him on this issue and has once again assured that in Spain “ideas are pursued” and “there is repression”, citing the example of Court of Accounts. In addition, he has warned that pardons are not the solution to the Catalan political crisis and their scope is limited to “improving the political climate” and keeping the party “central” in the field.

United we canFor his part, he has made an intervention much closer to the pro-independence theses than to the socialist ones. The chairman of the parliamentary group, Jaume Asens, has considered that the amnesty does fit in the Constitution but defends pardons as “the triumph of dialogue” against the “revenge” and “violence” of the right, reports Gregoria Caro.

«The amnesty has already said it constitutional Court, It fits in our legal system, we can agree or not, but that it is perfectly legal, we have no doubt, “said the purple leader. Yes indeed, Asens he acknowledges that “the road will not be easy”, but it is “a first step” and a “sign of strength.”

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